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The HTC 10 Launches On T-Mobile Today For $679.99 With Free Ice View Case And Extra Charger


HTC Posts RUU For The Latest HTC 10 Update (1.53.617.5)

The unlocked HTC 10 is just starting to show up on doorsteps, and HTC has an update ready to go. The OTA started rolling out a few days ago, but now there's also a full RUU for manual flashing. HTC only lists this as a bug fix update, but the changelog includes more detail.

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The GSM-LTE Unlocked Version Of The HTC 10 Will Work On Verizon After A Simple Radio Flash

The community over at XDA-Developers is a little less voracious these days. There are a lot of reasons: an ever-expanding selection of Android phones means it's harder to make a modding nexus for each one, general improvements in hardware and software make rooting less necessary, et cetera. But those tinkerers can still get some fantastic results. Case in point: it turns out that it's totally possible to get the unlocked HTC 10, currently being sold free of contracts and carriers from the HTC web store, to operate on Verizon.

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T-Mobile Will Sell The HTC 10 For $679.99 Starting May 18th With Free Rapid Charger And Ice View Case

T-Mobile is preparing to offer the HTC 10, and if you have yet to buy the phone, this may be the route to go.

With the $599.99 promotion over, HTC wants basically $700 for its unlocked phone. One week from now, T-Mobile will sell you the device for $679.99. That's a $20 discount.

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HTC Releases An App For Its 'Ice View' See-Through Case For The HTC 10

HTC really wants to make a cool transparent case for its flagship devices. It started with the One M8 and the "Dot View" case, which adapted the windowed covers first released by Samsung and LG into a grid with Lite Brite-style holes to view the screen underneath. There was a revised Dot View case for the One M9, but for the new HTC 10, we're getting a redesigned and completely transparent "Ice View" case. Like the previous iterations, HTC has released a specialized app in the Play Store to let users operate the case.

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Video Review: HTC 10 - The Road Back

You've read our HTC 10 review, and now we're back with the video version with our ever-lovable video host Mark Burstiner. Mark takes a look at what makes the 10 tick, and if the 10 ticks the boxes it needs to in the increasingly cutthroat flagship smartphone game. HTC's latest device has been almost uniformly praised as the best smartphone they've released since the progenitor of the One series, the One M7, while still inheriting that vital HTC design DNA that made the original One such a showstopper. But is HTC's best good enough in 2016? That's a tougher question.

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HTC Says It's Shipping Out Pre-Orders For The HTC 10 Now

The HTC 10 has a lot of smartphone fanatics excited, HTC enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Those who pre-ordered the high-end device won't have to wait too much longer, at least not in the United States. That's according to the official HTC USA Twitter account, which, well, ought to know:

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HTC 10 Now Available For Pre-Order On Verizon, Coming May 13th To Sprint

The HTC 10 is leaps and bounds better than the M9 was, and it looks like people are getting rightly excited about this device. The 10 beat out the GS7 in a recent AP poll, in fact. Now Verizon customers can put their money where their mouths are and pre-order HTC's make-or-break smartphone. Sprint has announced details too, but you'll have to wait a little longer.

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Five Things I Love About The HTC 10

The HTC 10 is a good smartphone, and not only that, it's probably the best one HTC has made in years. Here are five things that, during my time with the HTC 10, I really found I appreciated. We're starting this new series for all of this year's flagship smartphones - the HTC 10 is just the first. There will also be counterpoint posts on five more negative aspects of each device.

The battery life

Last year's One M9 wasn't great in this regard, so it was very refreshing to see HTC get back on track here. Battery life on the HTC 10 for me was a standout positive, and it may even edge out the Snapdragon 820 Galaxy S7 we get here in the US, despite using the same chip and having the same overall battery capacity.

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Benson Leung Won't Recommend The HTC 10 Or LG G5 Because QC3.0 Over USB Type-C Is Not Spec Compliant

This. Sucks. Benson Leung, the Google man who has been on a mission to debunk every faulty and non-compliant and wannabe USB Type-C cable and adapter sold on Amazon, has spoken rather harshly about two of this year's flagship Android devices: the HTC 10 and the LG G5.

Benson actually explained this issue in detail back in November of last year, citing the USB Type-C specification, which forbids proprietary charging methods from changing Vbus above 5V. And you guessed it, this is exactly how Qualcomm's QuickCharge 3.0 works: it can charge intermittently at 9V and 12V to achieve faster charging rates.

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