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Video Review: HTC 10 - The Road Back

You've read our HTC 10 review, and now we're back with the video version with our ever-lovable video host Mark Burstiner. Mark takes a look at what makes the 10 tick, and if the 10 ticks the boxes it needs to in the increasingly cutthroat flagship smartphone game. HTC's latest device has been almost uniformly praised as the best smartphone they've released since the progenitor of the One series, the One M7, while still inheriting that vital HTC design DNA that made the original One such a showstopper. But is HTC's best good enough in 2016? That's a tougher question.

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HTC 10 Review: A Very Good Phone, But One That Costs Too Much Money

Smartphones are, in my opinion, in something of an innovation rut. Underlying technical advancements have slowed in the last couple of years, and reasons to upgrade from year to year seem to decrease with each new generation of device. That's in large part because smartphones are already, generally speaking, very good products.

This is not to say they are near-perfect, or even optimal. Of course not - batteries still don't last long enough for many people, their cameras have notable limitations versus traditional dedicated systems, and we still have real performance bottlenecks that could be widened. There is refining that can still occur, and when major companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and LG keep pushing the envelope on that refinement, there is always a chance a new product simply won't stack up well against the competition.

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