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Google Assistant hotword bug could keep your screen awake indefinitely

Google Assistant is superb when it works the way it's supposed to, and 98% of the time, it does. Unfortunately, no bit of software is perfect, and if you own more than one device with "Hey, Google" hotword detection enabled, this useful tool can go awry in unwarranted ways.

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Pixel Buds are primed to receive 'Hey Google' hotword detection

Love them or hate them, the first-generation Pixel Buds were more than Google's first foray into the wireless headphones arena. Launching with an exclusive instant language translation feature powered by Assistant, the Pixel Buds were an initial look at what Google's AI savvy could do for the hearable product category. New information gathered by 9to5Google suggests that Pixel Buds are about to get just a little bit smarter via a new – yet currently non-functional – Assistant hotword recognition setting appearing on some devices.

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Google Assistant improves privacy and adds sensitivity options for hotword detection

Google was heavily criticized when press uncovered it uses human contractors to transcribe some voice snippets from Assistant users around the world, though we could quickly discern this as scaremongering as only 0.2% of all recordings were affected, and, of course, any company wanting to improve voice recognition needs to use transcriptions to advance. Still, Google should have clearly disclosed that your conversations with Assistant aren't 100% private. After temporarily pausing the practice in the EU, the company today announced it's improving key aspects of Assistant aiming to inform users about privacy more clearly, along with sensitivity options for hotword detection.

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