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[Update: Honor 5X confirmed] Honor promises at least 24 months of OS updates for current and future phones

Most OEMs don't have much of a reputation for providing timely and consistent OS updates. There are a few exceptions here and there — LG's V20 is set to become the first non-Nexus smartphone to launch with Nougat sometime around September — but while there may be a growing trend for devices to receive major updates shortly after they're released, it is much rarer to see them getting software support for more than a year or so. Only last year did Google begin promising 3 years of security updates and 2 years of major OS updates for all Nexus phones and tablets — which is still almost half as long as an iPhone's lifecycle.

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[Deal Alert] Newegg Offers A Free $25 Gift Card With The Purchase Of A Huawei Honor 5X

The Honor 5X is already a pretty fantastic deal at $200 for an unlocked phone (even if David's review was more or less "you get what you pay for"). But if you're looking to sweeten the deal even further, online retailer Newegg is offering an additional $25 via a store gift card with the purchase of the phone. The offer is available for a limited time, but it's valid on all three colors (black, white, gold) and combines with free shipping.

The gift card is added to your cart at the same time as the phone, and users can use the code themselves or give it away (if you have a friend who likes to build PCs, it would make a nice gift).

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Huawei Is Launching The Honor 5X In The US For $199 On January 31st

Huawei has only released a few phones in the US market, and the new Mate 8 isn't among them. Instead, we'll get the mid-range Honor 5X. No, it doesn't have anything to do with the LG-build Nexus 5X. The Honor 5X has somewhat more modest specs than that other 5X, but the price is lower too at just $199.

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Huawei's New Honor 6 Plus Looks Like An Apple-Sony Lovechild, Packs Dual Rear Cameras

You might not know it to look at retail stores in the US or Europe, but Huawei has quickly become one of the world's largest phone manufacturers, even while it keeps most of its high-end hardware restricted to China. The company is showing off its engineering and manufacturing chops with the Honor 6 Plus, a new 5.5-inch phone slated to hit the market on December 23rd. It, uh, might look a little familiar.


Like previous Huawei devices, the Honor 6 Plus isn't shy about aping trends from other companies. In this case it's taking the metallic border from the iPhone 5 series, adding in a few touches from Sony's rounded and flat industrial design, and then shaving off just about every corner that it can.

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Huawei Launches New 'Honor' Brand In Europe, Starting With The Low-Priced Honor 6

I've been writing about Android phones for over three years, and I'm going to be honest: I still think I'm pronouncing "Huawei" wrong. (Wah-way. WAA-whey. Hoo-waa-way.) Huawei is perfectly aware that their branding outside of Asia isn't exactly stellar, and it looks like they're taking steps to improve it. Say hello to "Honor," a new Huawei sub-brand introduced to Europe this week. The first phone launched under the label will be the Honor 6.


"Honor" has been the name of several previous Huawei phones, but based on the new site, it looks like the company will be using the label exclusively for at least this series going forward.

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Huawei Unveils The Waterproof Honor 3, Because Honor Has To Be Able To Withstand Tears

The Huawei Honor smartphones have been straightforward affairs, with the original being nothing to get excited about unless you were shopping on a budget and wanted something functional enough to do more than check Facebook (though considering how bloated the Facebook app is, even doing that is no small feat). However, we did consider it an example of what a budget phone should be, and the sequel was an improvement in every area - except for price. This year's model is only marginally improved over the Honor 2, but it packs its internals inside a more rugged shell. This phone is resistant to both dust and water, with a touch screen that is capable of reading wet fingertips.

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Huawei Shows Off The Honor 2 With 1.4Ghz Quad-Core And 2GB of RAM

Huawei has been steadily increasing its high-end offerings for the last year or so, and their latest offering is the top-of-the-line Honor 2. Last year's model gets upgraded in just about every possible way, starting with Huawei's own quad-core K3 V2 processor clocked at a blistering 1.4Ghz. Pair that with 2GB of RAM and you've got potent hardware in anybody's money... though to put down a pre-order, you'll need some yuan. Pre-orders for the Honor 2 in China will begin later this week, with a price of 1888 CNY, or about $302.

huawei honor 2

In addition to those high-class innards, the Honor 2 uses a 4.5-inch 720p IPS screen, fitting in just below other flagships.

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Huawei Honor Review: This Is What A Budget Phone Should Be

Budget phone. The very sound of those two words, together, makes me slightly ill. In fact, it makes me almost immediately seethe with a sort of "nerd-rage." I hate the way budget phones are peddled onto the tech-illiterate by commission-motivated hucksters at "Big Four" carrier phone stores. I hate seeing people get locked into 2-year contracts because they got a "great deal" on a smartphone. "It was free!" they'll say, and that the nice sales representative (his name was Jimmy) kept them from buying "something they didn't need," because they walked in with a firm spending limit and they weren't going to budge!

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Official Demo Android 4.0 Update For The Huawei Honor (U8860) Released

In a major "Surprise!" moment, Huawei has officially released what looks to be a demo build of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) for the Honor (model number U8860). Details are incredibly light at the moment, since all we're really going on here is a product support page that's been Google Translated from Chinese to English and contains next to no information:

2011-12-10 10h41_16

According to the poster at XDA, the posted update is actually just a "demo" (beta?) and not the final version. A Huawai Senior VP (Yu Chengdong) has been sharing pictures and some details via Chinese social media service Weibo (auto-translate is including such gems as, "I use black Honor, equipped with the latest 4.0 version of the operating system Andrews.

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