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Plan And Organize Every Inch Of Your House With Home Design 3D

When it comes to interior design, there are three categories of people: those who will get any item and place it anywhere, those will do their best to make things look good without going to extremes, and those who will agonize over every angle, size, color, and texture. If you fall somewhere between the second and third category, you'll be happy to know that iOS-famous Home Design 3D is now available on Android.

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[New App] AutoDesk Releases Homestyler, An Incredible 3D Room Design And Decorating App

AutoDesk's newest app on Android aims to take the guesswork out of interior design. Never again will you have to get into an argument with your spouse about whether the couch would look better here, or over there. Just pull out the Homestyler app and instantly prove that you were right by dragging and dropping 3D models of real furniture into your virtual room.

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This app has hundred (if not thousands) of pieces of real furniture that can be added to your room.

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