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[Science goes too far] Furby made into an Alexa-powered eldritch horror

For a lot of us kiddos back in the late 90's, Furbies were something of a craze. I know I had at least one of the retrospectively terrifying gadgets—though I'm at a loss to remember why, exactly, I thought it was cool. Whatever my youthful motivations may have been, enterprising hobbyist Zack of howchoo fame has turned our collective childhood memories into an intelligent Lovecraftian abomination. Meet Furlexa. 

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Brewie Promises Automated Beer Making For Novices And Pros, Reaches $100k Indiegogo Funding Goal

It's Friday afternoon, you've been breaking your back all week at work, and you can't wait to kick back with a cold, frosty beverage. You can't bring yourself to walk into the regular bars where your choices consist of Coors and Coors Light, and your favorite beer house just ran out of the Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA. You could pick up a sixer from the store, but that just doesn't have the gravitas to impress your friends when they swing by later. Hey, you should homebrew your own beer! But, who has the time to learn and set it all up?

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[Download] Samsung Kernel Source Code For The Infuse 4G

Remember the Samsung Infuse 4G? Yeah, the one with 4.5-inch screen and 1.2GHz processor that just hit AT&T shelves two days ago. Well, continuing with its newly-found source-code-release motif, Samsung dropped the code for the Infuse 4G over at the Open Source Developers Center.

Let the homebrewing begin! Hit the link below for download.

[Open Source Developers Center]

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