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Ring's security system is down to $150 for Prime members ($50 off) and comes with a free Echo Dot

At $200, Ring's home security system is one of the most popular on the market, thanks to its features but also its relatively appealing price. However, you can get it for just $150 today if you're a Prime member and receive a free Echo Dot speaker with your purchase.

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Grab two Xiaomi Yi security cameras for $57 ($13 off) from Amazon

If you’re holding off on purchasing an indoor security camera until Black Friday, this deal on Xiaomi Yi security cameras might entice you into buying one (or two) right now. A pair of Yi Home Camera 3 can be purchased from Amazon for $56.50, down from their usual MSRP of $69.99.

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Ring's new lightweight app lets you instantly access your cameras

A couple of weeks back, Ring released a new "Rapid Ring" app to show you your video feeds much faster, without the bloat or added features of the full Ring app. Initially, it was limited to Australia and the UK, but support has recently expanded to the US and Canada.

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Grab Xiaomi's Mi Home Wi-Fi security camera for just $30 ($10 off)

Xiaomi products are known to be affordable and do the job well, including its Mi Home security camera. The product was initially sold for a reasonable $40 but has just received a $10 markdown, making it quite a bargain for just $30.

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Nest Secure alarm kit down to all-time low of $210 ($190 off) for one day only

If you're looking at getting a home security system for the home you're trying to smarten up, you're spoiled for options. The Nest Secure alarm kit might be one you're considering, featuring a hub that doubles as a Google Assistant speaker, motion sensors, and tags along with an app that allows you to arm and disarm whenever and wherever you are. We've seen it come down in price with a few recent sales, but its once again down to its lowest price yet at almost half-off. You just have to make the purchase today.

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The Nest Secure starter kit all-in-one alarm system drops to $230 ($170 off)

Nest products are known to be well designed, easy to use, and reliable. What they're not so popular for is their price, which tends to be quite high. When the brand launched its Secure starter kit, it priced is at $400, which was probably a bit too steep. However, its all-in-one alarm system is now available for $230-$250, making it far more affordable than before.

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Secure your home with this weatherproof Canary Flex 2-pack camera bundle for $250 ($130 off)

When investing in a security camera, you usually have to pick whether you'll use it indoors or outdoors, mostly because the latter are weatherproof and built to be more durable. Unfortunately, when you move out or decide your security device would have made more sense in another location, you end up having to purchase a new one — or end up with a bulky camera in your house if you went for the outdoor model. Thankfully, Canary's Flex cameras are, as their name might suggest, quite versatile as they work both indoors and outdoors while remaining discreet and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

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Canary's all-in-one indoor security camera is down to $50 ($120 off)

Whether it's for added peace of mind or to keep an eye on your pet, an indoor security camera can be a smart purchase. Such products are usually quite expensive, though, but Canary's all-in-one indoor security camera's price has dropped to just $50, making home security much more affordable.

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Amazon turns Echos into rudimentary home security devices with 'Alexa Guard' update

Amazon's Echo devices can now keep an eye, or rather an ear, on your home while you're away. An update is rolling out that enables the new "Alexa Guard" feature. Just tell your Echo that you're heading out, and it will begin listening for signs of trouble on the homestead. This feature was in beta testing over the last few months, but now it's coming to all users.

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The Xiaomi Yi 1080p home security camera is a steal at $25 on Amazon

Surveillance cameras can get pricey, with higher-end models going for hundreds of dollars a pop. Xiaomi-owned Yi offers a pretty affordable option in its 1080p home security camera. Normally $30.99, it's even cheaper right now with a couple of discounts on Amazon.

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