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YouTube starts suggesting you subscribe to channels you often watch on your homepage

YouTube wants you to keep coming back for more. It's understandable for any service, but more so for one that capitalizes on you watching videos daily and finding more compelling and interesting content all the time. YouTube's homepage often guesses what you're interested in watching (and at least for me, it gets it right), combining new videos from channels you already subscribe to with videos similar to ones you've already seen and timely content you're likely interested in. Many of the latter two usually come from channels you don't subscribe to, but you may want to do that. And now YouTube is starting to nudge you in that direction.

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[Update x2: Now in beta] Google might bring Chrome's home button to all Android devices

You may have noticed that when using Chrome on some devices, a home button appears in the address bar. This is because manufacturers can optionally include an APK called 'ChromeCustomizations.apk' in the system folder, which sets default values for the home link and bookmarks (there's an example here). Strangely, if you have a device without ChromeCustomizations.apk, you can't get the home button in the first place.

Now it appears that might finally be changing, according to a new flag discovered by XDA Developers.

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YouTube is testing subtitles on its home page's autoplay videos

Back in October, YouTube began testing autoplaying videos on its Android app's home page. Fast forward to today and the feature still doesn't work on my devices, even though I have the option in settings, but it's working just fine for Artem. In fact, the Google gods even bestowed a new test upon him: subtitles in the aforementioned autoplaying videos.

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Firefox Beta Reaches Version 26, Gets Redesigned New Tab Page, Improved Password Manager, And More

The latest version of the Firefox Beta has hit the Play Store, and it introduces a change to the new tab page that is sure to liven up your mobile browsing experience. As usual, top sites are presented as thumbnails on the default screen, but version 26 makes your history, bookmarks, and reading list all accessible with just a few swipes. It's an intuitive and attractive experience that easily trumps that offered in the stable version of the browser.

Firefox2 Firefox1 Firefox3

The update also introduces a new way to pin tabs to the home page, performances improvements on some NVIDIA devices, and, of course, bug fixes.

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