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[Deal Alert] Get 2 Google Home Mini smart speakers for just $58 ($40 off) from multiple retailers

You may have seen in our Google Store sale post that you could pick up two Home Minis for $58. Well, it seems like Google has decided to expand this to a manufacturer sale, meaning that multiple retailers are now offering the same deal and you now have a wide selection of stores to choose from.

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[Update: Same offers at other stores] Deal alert: Google Store offering $150 credit with purchase of Pixel 2 XL and Home Mini, $50 off Clips, and much more

The Google Store is currently running quite a few sales on everything from the Pixel 2 XL to the Chromecast Ultra for Father's Day. Purchasing a Pixel 2 with a Home Mini will get you a $150 credit for future purchases, the Clips is $50 off, and there are several deals for Home/Wifi products.

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[Deal Alert] Nest Thermostat E down to $149 ($20 off) with free Home Mini at Google Store

Smart thermostats are an easy way to make your house look ten years newer - not to mention the vastly superior control you get over your air conditioning and heating, of course. If you don't yet have one of your own, the Google Store is offering the Nest Thermostat E for $20 off and throwing in a free Home Mini.

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[Deal Alert] eBay offering free Google Home Mini with purchases of over $150

If you've been wishing you had bought more Google Home Minis back in 2017 when they were just $29.99 a pop, you're not alone. Costco recently offered a three-pack for $80, but that's since expired. But if you've got a cart of over $150 in items on eBay, you can score a free Home Mini at checkout. Can't beat free, right?

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Mini 3-pack only $80 at Costco ($20 off)

The Google Home Mini is probably the best value smart speaker you can buy. Not only do you get a fully-fledged Assistant experience, but you get okay sound out of it, too. Last Christmas, they went on sale for $30 each, which basically made them an impulse buy. Costco has had a 3-pack for a while now, which dipped down to $100 not too long ago (which was already a great deal). Now, you can pick up this bundle for a measly $80, almost half of what you would spend to buy three Home Minis separately at their $49 MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Mini 3-pack is $100 ($15 off) at Costco

As a pleased owner of a Google Home Mini, I often find myself wondering why I didn't buy one or two more of these tiny smart speakers to scatter around our apartment unit. When I ask my wife what she thinks of getting some companions for our lone Mini, she aggressively asks "Why?" — and, well, that's the end of that. But now Costco is giving me some new ammunition, thanks to a deal offering members the chance to purchase a Google Home Mini (charcoal or chalk) three-pack for just $99.99, which is $15 off of the normal going price.

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[Update: Fixed] Google thinks the Home Mini is a 'Vintage Retro Biscuit Tin'

"Ok Google, remind me to fill you up with chocolate hobnobs."

Thanks to a wonderful error spotted in the UK, the shopping card in Google Search seems to think Google Home Mini is a 'Vintage Retro Biscuit Tin.' I'm sure bugs of this sort happen all the time, but it's especially funny that it's happened to one of Google's own devices.

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[Update: 2 Home Minis for $37.49] Deal alert: Verizon Business customers can get a Google Home Max and Home Mini for just $337.48 (25% off)

Like many Google products, the Home Max isn't easy to find at a discount, especially given its very recent entry to the market. However, Verizon Business is offering a Home Max and Home Mini bundle for just $337.48, or $112.50 off the combined MSRPs of both Home devices. That's pretty nuts. Unfortunately, you will need access to a Verizon Business (B2B) account to take advantage of this deal. And no, your run-of-the-mill Verizon account won't do.

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Google designer Ivy Ross shows off prototypes of Pixel 2, Pixelbook, Home Mini, and more

Prototypes are always cool to see, but us consumers don't often get to do so. It's nice to take a look at how the designs of products evolve from the drawing board all the way to our homes, pockets, and backpacks. An interview with Google hardware designer Ivy Ross recently went up on The Keyword, and embedded within are photos of several Google products' prototypes.

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[Update: More details] New Google Home Mini update 1.29 restores top tap functionality with long-press on the side

The Google Home Mini is a super-affordable way to get Google Assistant in your life, but Google was forced to hobble the device shortly after launch because a sticky touch sensor caused Artem's Mini to record everything he said. Part of that functionality is now coming back with a small tweak. Instead of tapping the top of the device, you'll be able to long-press the side.

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