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Ninety7 introduces JOT battery base for Google Home Mini

As their names imply, Google's Home devices are designed with the intention of keeping them inside, but they're not always as portable as we’d like them to be. Since the company doesn't provide a way to use the units without plugging them into a wall outlet, third-party manufacturers have seized the opportunity to release battery bases. Ninety7 has just added the JOT to its line of solutions for smart speakers.

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Mickey Mouse Home Mini base from OtterBox coming soon to the Google Store

Smart home devices no longer have to look stale, thanks to a Google partnership with Disney and OtterBox. The Google Store will soon sell a kid-friendly Mickey Mouse base for its Home Mini device. The company handed the accessory out to attendees at its Made by Google event, but for those not there, it will retail for $19.95 in the U.S.

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Google 'Smart TV Kit' with Home Mini and next-gen Chromecast gets leaked

Over the past year, Google has been adding more Assistant functionality to the Chromecast. You can ask your Google Home to play a movie on your TV or see who's at the door, and the result appears on your TV. Google has already been selling the Chromecast and Home Mini in a bundle, but now the package is being renamed to the 'Smart TV Kit.'

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4 of our favorite tech deals this week: V-MODA headphones, big eBay sale, free music, and more

We're just hours away from one of the biggest shopping days in the world of online deal-finding, as Amazon gets ready to kick off its annual Prime Day savings this coming Monday, July 16. But even as so many of us get ready to snag those offers the moment they land, there's still been some decent deal action in the days leading up to Prime Day. Let's take a look at some of the better sales to arrive this past week.

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Google Home and Home Mini now available in Spain, Austria, and Ireland

In late May, we noted that a Spain launch for the Home and Home Mini was imminent after the duo showed up on a Spanish retailer's site. That wasn't entirely surprising given that Google had mentioned they'd be coming to Spain sometime in 2018. A few weeks later, the Home and Home Mini are now available from the Google Store not just in Spain, but also in Austria and Ireland.

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Mini 3-pack is just $80 ($40 off) at Costco

We know, we know; we just posted about several places offering Home Mini 2-packs for $58 a pop, but there might be something better for you if you were looking to purchase more than two Home Minis. Costco is currently offering its Home Mini 3-pack for just $79.99, amounting to about $26.67 per speaker.

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[Deal Alert] Get 2 Google Home Mini smart speakers for just $58 ($40 off) from multiple retailers

You may have seen in our Google Store sale post that you could pick up two Home Minis for $58. Well, it seems like Google has decided to expand this to a manufacturer sale, meaning that multiple retailers are now offering the same deal and you now have a wide selection of stores to choose from.

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[Update: Same offers at other stores] Deal alert: Google Store offering $150 credit with purchase of Pixel 2 XL and Home Mini, $50 off Clips, and much more

The Google Store is currently running quite a few sales on everything from the Pixel 2 XL to the Chromecast Ultra for Father's Day. Purchasing a Pixel 2 with a Home Mini will get you a $150 credit for future purchases, the Clips is $50 off, and there are several deals for Home/Wifi products.

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[Deal Alert] Nest Thermostat E down to $149 ($20 off) with free Home Mini at Google Store

Smart thermostats are an easy way to make your house look ten years newer - not to mention the vastly superior control you get over your air conditioning and heating, of course. If you don't yet have one of your own, the Google Store is offering the Nest Thermostat E for $20 off and throwing in a free Home Mini.

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[Deal Alert] eBay offering free Google Home Mini with purchases of over $150

If you've been wishing you had bought more Google Home Minis back in 2017 when they were just $29.99 a pop, you're not alone. Costco recently offered a three-pack for $80, but that's since expired. But if you've got a cart of over $150 in items on eBay, you can score a free Home Mini at checkout. Can't beat free, right?

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