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Google Home Hub is official, costs just $149

As with everything in today's announcement, the Home Hub has been leaked more than once in recent weeks. Google's own-branded Assistant Smart Display, as expected, resembles a tablet glued onto a fabric speaker base, and it's sadly not removable so it can't be used as a standalone tablet.

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What to expect from Google's launch event tomorrow

Google's yearly hardware event is nearly upon us. In this day and age, there are always bits of information leaked ahead of official announcements, but this event is completely different. Google has been as leaky as the Titanic over the past few months, so there's a good chance there aren't any surprises left.

If you've been living under a rock this whole time, or you haven't been able to keep track of all the leaks, we've summarized everything we know about the products Google will (probably) announce tomorrow.

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New Google hardware lands at FCC, probably the Home Hub

As we inch toward Google's October event, more details about the company's upcoming hardware plans slowly trickle out. Most recently, what we believe to be Google's Home Hub has just cleared the FCC. Although some of the details are still covered by a confidentiality request by Google to the FCC, we know it will support Bluetooth/BLE and 2.4 & 5GHz Wi-Fi.

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Lynky announces new sensor and button for its Google Assistant-enabled Home Intelligence Hub

When Lynky announced its Home Intelligence Hub last year, making it the first Google Assistant-integrated touchscreen smart home hub to be revealed, our interest was piqued. Although the company opened up pre-orders via Indiegogo, it didn't raise a ton of cash. Nonetheless, Lynky is soldiering on, further expanding its product line with two new complimentary smart home accessories: the Go Button and Go Sensor. 

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Lynky is the first Google Assistant-enabled touchscreen smart home hub

Amazon may have been first to the touchscreen assistant punch with the Echo Show, but there's compelling evidence to suggest that Google is readying a Home device with a display, too. In the meantime, another company is offering the first Google Assistant-enabled touchscreen home hub, and it's called Lynky.

The diminutive device includes a 5" multi-touch display, with two far-field microphones and 2W stereo speakers. Two versions are available. One can sit on a flat surface and is powered by USB. The other is to be mounted to a wall where it can be hooked up to pre-existing light switch wiring.

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