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[Update: Back for Cyber Monday] Rakuten's site-wide 20% discount code makes deals like an $88 Home Hub and a $289 Home Max possible

Yesterday, eBay created a 15% discount code that was able to be used on basically anything on the site. Rakuten's site-wide 20% code seems to be in direct response to that, but since Black Friday pricing is now in effect, even better deals can be had here. Those include an $88 Home Hub and a $290 Home Max, among other items.

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Google Store Cyber Monday deals are live: Free Home Hub and $50 credit with Pixel 3 & 3 XL, $20 off custom cases, and more

Google has just pushed out what we expect to be the last of Thanksgiving season's deals. For Cyber Monday Google has killed the previous $150-200 discounts for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, replacing them with a new promo that features a free Home Hub plus $50 in Google Store credit. Other discounts include a Daydream View for $40, customizable Pixel cases for $20 off, and a sort of smart home starter kit that comes with a Home Hub, Home, and Wifi three-pack for a hair under $450.

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Chromecast and Smart Displays start showing portrait photos side-by-side

If you own a Chromecast, a Home Hub, or a Smart Display, you may soon notice something different when using Google Photos in Ambient mode. Instead of showing up centered, two related pics will display side-by-side.

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[Update: Duo audio calls too] Google Home Hub supports Duo calls, but the recipient will only see your profile pic

When the Google Home Hub leaks first started, everyone was miffed by the absence of a front-facing camera for Duo calls. Later, with the device's official announcement, those leaks were proven to be true, and Google explained that it chose to skip the cam for privacy reasons (though we all know the decision was more likely a matter of competitive pricing.) However, what we didn't know was that the Home Hub would indeed support Duo calls, even without the camera.

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Google Home Hub is shipping today

Google took its sweet time launching a smart display, but it finally unveiled the Home Hub at the recent October event. You couldn't get the device right away, but the wait hasn't been too long. Home Hub pre-orders are now shipping, and you can purchase the device from the Google Store and other retailers.

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[Deal Alert] Get two Google Home Hubs from Costco for $250 ($50 off)

The Google Home Hub hasn't even started shipping to customers, but it's already going on sale. If you missed Home Depot's recent sale, here's another one for Costco members. You can pre-order two Home Hubs for $250 — a $50 discount over the normal price.

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Google skips Android Things OS for the Home Hub, uses Chromecast-based software instead

All previous 'smart displays' with Google Assistant are nearly identical under the hood. They all run Android Things OS (a specialized version of Android for IoT devices) on top of a standardized hardware platform (like those from MediaTek and Qualcomm). Most people assumed that Google's own smart display, the recently-announced Home Hub, would use the same software and hardware. However, the Home Hub is something entirely different.

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[Update: Coming to smart displays] Google Photos Live Albums automatically upload your best photos to your Home Hub

One of the features people love most about Google Photos is the automatic backup of pictures and videos. The Home Hub brings that to the next level with Google Photos Live Albums, which automatically upload your photos to your Home Hub to show you a constantly-changing slideshow.

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Google Home Hub is official, costs just $149

As with everything in today's announcement, the Home Hub has been leaked more than once in recent weeks. Google's own-branded Assistant Smart Display, as expected, resembles a tablet glued onto a fabric speaker base, and it's sadly not removable so it can't be used as a standalone tablet.

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What to expect from Google's launch event tomorrow

Google's yearly hardware event is nearly upon us. In this day and age, there are always bits of information leaked ahead of official announcements, but this event is completely different. Google has been as leaky as the Titanic over the past few months, so there's a good chance there aren't any surprises left.

If you've been living under a rock this whole time, or you haven't been able to keep track of all the leaks, we've summarized everything we know about the products Google will (probably) announce tomorrow.

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