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Google Blogger gets surprise Material Design update on Android after years of neglect [APK Download]

Blogger used to be the go-to platform for anyone who wanted to share their words and opinions with the internet, but it has long been surpassed by social media on the consumer side and WordPress and Medium on the more professional side. We assumed that Google would just let the service die slowly by not providing updates to it anymore, but today, a new Android app version has been released on the Play Store after two years of stagnation. The update replaces the Holo interface of old with a modern Material redesign, bringing the product in line with Google's other offers.

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VUDU Jumped From Version 1.5 to 4.1 With A Huge Interface Revamp That Makes It Look Less Like A Holo Relic

VUDU might be one of the lesser popular video streaming services, but it's still used and loved by many loyal customers. Its Android app, however, wasn't that good. It was functional, we'll give it that, but it was slow, not quite responsive, and stuck in the Holo era of Android app design. That was version 1.5. Today, the app jumped to 4.1. Whoaaaaaaaaa.

So what we've got here is a complete revamp of the app, from the interface side and the backend side. VUDU is now faster, more responsive, and more efficient. It supports HD and HDX videos, has better search suggestions, a portrait mode on smartphones, and improved Chromecast casting.

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[HoloYolo] WebMD For Android Gets An "Enhanced Design" With Holo In 2015 - It's Miles Better Than What It Used To Be

It's 2012 and WebMD, one of the web's leading medical information sources, has decided to get its affairs in order and finally brush up its Android application to implement those cool holo design ideas that Google unveiled back in October 2011. Waiiiiiit. Checks calendar. Refreshes time & date. Checks calendar again. I'll be damned, it's 2015!

But let's not call the Material Police just yet. I've attended medical lectures in this decade presented with the Comic Sans font — by comparison, Holo is the peak of modernism. And let's just say that the folks in the medical profession are more concerned with their cells than their pixels.

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10 Awesome Minimalistic Math And Numbers Games For Android

While I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer, I do tend to get quickly addicted to casual math games. Give me a set of numbers, some form of logic problem to solve in a few seconds or more, and I can start round after round, often resulting in hours of continuous play. I have tried dozens of math games for Android and kept finding myself drawn toward the most minimalistic ones. Below is a list of ten such games, with simple designs that don't detract your focus away from the riddles.

Countdown Maths Game Pro

Countdown Maths Game is the quintessential math game.

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CNN App Gets A Holo Makeover With Support For Tablets And Phones In One App

Simply getting the news is not enough – your news source should also not be horrible looking. The CNN app has long failed on that second count, but now it has a shot at redemption. CNN has updated its app with a Holo UI and support for multiple screen sizes.

7 8 6

The updated look has a proper action bar and a grid layout of stories. I'd hesitate to call it card-based, but it's close at times. The interface scales appropriately to tablets now, and CNN has removed the "for phones" modifier from the app's name.

3 4 5

2 1

Users are a little torn on the quality of the new update.

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[New App] Feature-Packed uPod Podcast Manager Rises From The Ashes Of GoodNews Reader

Those of you who've ben lamenting the GoodNews reader, especially its tight integration with podcasts, now have a new alternative to consider. The developer of the aforesaid app has finally published a replacement that doesn't depend on Google Reader, and the wait has not been for naught: uPod crams in just about every feature a podcast fan could want. A free trial version of uPod and a $4.49 license are now available in the Play Store.

2014-03-18 12.30.46 2014-03-18 12.30.21 2014-03-18 12.32.12

First of all, uPod doesn't tie into Feedly's copycat reader API - apparently some developers aren't wholly ready to hitch their wagons to another system that relies on the goodwill of a potential competitor.

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[HOLOYOLO] Official Holofication Nation App Lets You Automatically Update Community-Modded Versions Of Popular Apps

More than two years after the Holo visual style became standard, there are still quite a few major apps and publishers that aren't on the trolley. Plenty of eager graphic designers have submitted visuals for Holo versions of these apps, but the two-man team at Holofication Nation has gone further: they've actually remade the apps themselves. If that's not enough for you, they've also released an official HN app to the Play Store, making it easy to download and update these unofficial app mods.

unnamed (7) unnamed (8) unnamed (9)

All the apps in the Holofication Nation library are modified versions of free apps, so there's nothing untoward about downloading them.

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Samsung ChatON Updated To Version 3 With An Updated User Interface And More Social Options

Samsung claims that it has 100 million users of its proprietary ChatON messaging service. With that many eyeballs on your software, it makes sense to give it a little spit and polish, right? To that end they've release the 3.0 version of ChatON to the Play Store, complete with a fresh Holo interface and a few more options. Those of you with Samsung devices are probably getting the update anyway, but the cross-platform chat service is available to most Android devices.

unnamed (14) unnamed (15) unnamed (16)

The new user interface is flat as a pancake, as opposed to the decidedly iOS-style look that was previously featured.

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Latest Twitter Beta Update Shakes Up The UI Again – Removes Hamburger Navigation, Simplifies Tabs, And Adds Floating Buttons

Most developers who use the Google Play beta program don't seem to make monumental changes, but Twitter is really taking the beta label seriously. A few weeks after rolling out a completely new UI to the beta app, Twitter has updated the interface substantially again. It's cleaner in some places, but less so in others.

2013-10-04 03.16.12 2013-10-04 03.17.14

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PushBullet Updated To Version 11.1, Gets Redesigned UI, New Home And Lock Screen Widgets, And More

There are many ways to move files between your computers and your Android devices, but most of them feel like a hassle. PushBullet makes things far more simple. This combination web browser plugin/mobile app can send files and links from your computer directly to your notification tray, where you can access them without having to dig around, and its Android app just received a substantial update to version 11.1 that makes it both more attractive and accessible than before.

PushBullet1 PushBullet2 PushBullet3

PushBullet4 PushBullet5 PushBullet6

The new version is a more lively affair than the prior release. The action bar is more colorful and the overall app has made adjustments to keep up with the ever changing holo UI.

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