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Dead Zebra's Android mini holiday ornaments go on sale December 12 at 11AM ET

The Android faithful will know that Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra has long made various Android vinyl figures. They look like businessmen, skeletons, astronauts, and all kinds of neat stuff. Never before has there been a holiday ornament version, though. Dead Zebra will sell you a special edition Android mini ornament tomorrow (December 12).

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Google Flights on desktop has been updated to match the mobile redesign

Back in the summer, we reported on key changes to Google Flights on mobile. The interface was tweaked with more powerful tools to help you save money when looking to book a holiday within a range of dates. At the time Google promised the desktop version would see a similar update later in the year, and that has now become available in the form of a beta version.

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Pokémon GO holiday update includes new egg monsters and a hat

Pokémon GO players have been salivating at the notion of gen 2 monsters showing up in the game, but the holiday update isn't quite so grand. Okay, it's a lot less grand. There are a handful new Pokémon, which can only be hatched from eggs. Oh, and Pikachu has a new hat.

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Google announces Android Pay holiday reward promo in the UK, plus holiday animations for everyone

'Tis the season to shop, and Google hopes you'll use Android Pay to do it. For users in the UK, Google is sweetening the deal with virtual crackers. Well, not only virtual crackers (it's a regional thing). The crackers might come with gift cards worth up to £500. If you don't live in the UK, your consolation prize is a series of holiday animations in the Android Pay app (they get those in the UK too).

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[Ho Ho Ho] 5 Christmas Watch Faces To Make Your Wrist More Jolly

The holiday season is upon us, and for many that means Christmas trees, candy canes, and other related whatnots. This year, why not spruce up your wrist with a nice holiday-themed watch face? Don't look at me like that, just because you're that nerd with a smart watch doesn't mean you can't be festive. Here are five Christmas watch faces that are worth checking out.

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Google's Androidify App Updated With New Holiday Items And Accessories, Including Ugly Sweaters And Pretty Phones

The ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon seems to be yet another case of public trends where the fundamentally undesirable is somehow turned into a nouveau fashion statement, like Uggs or Hummers. While an intense examination of the psychology behind their resurgence would be an interesting application of our time, I'm not paid to write about wooly jumpers. If all you want for Christmas is an Android avatar with a tasteless sweater, then check your Androidify app for the latest update.

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Google's Santa Tracker Is Back For Another Year With A New Game And More Android Wear Goodies

Sometimes I wonder if Google has an official Department of Whimsy where things like the never-ending doodles, Android mascots, and Santa Tracker are studiously maintained (and the inbox still overflows from bitter Google Reader fans). If so, then the DoW's biggest yearly project has just begun with the timely update to the Google Santa Tracker app. The latest version is now available for Android phones, tablets, and Android TV devices, complete with all kinds of kid-friendly goodies.

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Google's Project Fi Sending Out Awesome Lego Kits To Some Subscribers

I'm already a fan (and subscriber) of Project Fi, Google's experiment in being a wireless carrier, but photos popping up across Google+ suggest that the service just got a little more awesome.

Evidently, some Fi subscribers are receiving a holiday gift from Fi - a Lego kit that, when assembled, forms a charging stand for your phone.

A number of Google+ users have posted images of the Lego kit, showing the kit and its packaging - Fi's signature white box with bright Fi-colored materials inside. A green label on the outside wishes recipients "Happy Holidays," while an instructional booklet thanks subscribers for their support so far.

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Google Celebrates Father's Day With More Custom Animations In Hangouts

It's Father's Day. If you have a dad and you appreciate him, go have lunch with him. If he's too far away, call him on the phone, like people used to do before things like touchscreens and smartwatches and Taylor Swift. Don't send him a text message or IM that says "Happy Father's Day" - that's just so tacky. It's the communication equivalent of a last-minute drug store gift card.

If you decide to ignore this advice, and you send Dad a "Happy Father's Day" message through Hangouts, Google won't judge you as harshly as I will. In fact, they'll actually reward you with a series of custom animations, as is their wont for wide-reaching holidays lately.

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Hulu Gives Android Users Exclusive Free Access For The Holidays

Using Hulu on an Android device usually requires a Hulu Plus account, but in the spirit of the season, the company has apparently decided to offer people the ability to stream shows to their devices for free. The exclusive deal was announced on the Android Google+ page in a post that welcomed folks to come watch the latest episodes of their favorite shows.

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