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Google Search celebrates Holi with a colorful Easter egg

Celebrations for the festival of colors, Holi, are on in the Indian subcontinent, with Google also partaking in its own way. The company’s digital take on the festivity includes an Easter egg on its search results screen that lets you splash the entire page with paint. After you’re done creating a multicolored mess like a kid (which is actually fun), an option will help you clean the screen and carry on with your dull day as if nothing happened.

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Google Duo's colorful Holi video effects are live

The festival of spring and color, Holi, is quite a cheerful celebration in India and Nepal, which is now spreading to more and more countries. Google likes to honor these occasions in various ways, and we knew this year's Holi would bring video effects in Duo. They're now live, though they may be geolimited. Update: They're available in India only.

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Google Duo v49 prepares video effects for Holi and video invites [APK Teardown]

Duo has left us waiting on the launch of some big new features, including group calling, but the latest update to v49 doesn't appear to be launching either of those quite yet. However, there are a couple of smaller touches to discuss, including special effects for the Hindu festival of Holi and some type of new video invites.

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