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Big VSCO 4.0 Update With Even More Incomprehensible UI Now Rolling Out On Android

VSCO started as just a camera and photo editing app, but it's grown into a little hipster-y image sharing community. The company announced a visual redesign last week, and it has started rolling out slowly on Android. This update brings gestures to the interface, but not normal ones. No, these are bizarre and confusing gestures.

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[New App] iOS Favorite VSCO Cam Lands On Android, Because Hipsters Don't Have Enough Camera Filters

Do you find that Instagram, Hipstamatic, and all the other me-too photography apps out there just aren't doing it for you? Then why not try VSCO Cam, the most anticipated iOS camera app port among Pabst Blue Ribbon drinkers and fedora enthusiasts! Here, let's check out this promotional video so we can get a quick look at all the impressive features offered in this exciting new app.

Okay, so that wasn't helpful at all. According to the app description, the photo processing in VSCO creates stunning photos that were "previously unattainable on Android." That's right, your phone's manufacturer spent years of research and millions of dollars developing and miniaturizing the technology that goes into your camera, but its raw potential has been completely untapped until the latest filter-filled photo app came along.

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