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Uber Now Lets Third Parties Brand And Customize Rides

Taking an Uber is already a much more enticing option than hailing a cab. One of the things that makes it so great is that it's so amazingly convenient. Uber is almost everywhere, and you can get a lift without having cash on you, or even knowing the local language. All you need is a smartphone.

Now it's about to get even better. Uber is allowing other sites and apps to introduce their own branding and functionality into the core Uber experience, provided the user was directed to it through a deep link or ride reminder.

Uber has already quietly signed up a number of big names, with more undoubtedly to follow.

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Hilton's HHonors App Gets Updated With New Digital Key To Let You Into Your Room

There are many things frequent travelers hate, like the long queues at the airports, the jet-lag, and the countless little annoyances in logistics when going from one country or state to another. Waiting at the hotel front desk when they're just about ready to collapse after a long trip isn't a positive feeling either. But they may not have to anymore, that is if they're staying at a Hilton hotel and they're HHonors members (membership is free apparently).

The app announced last month a new "Digital Key" feature. At the time, the option was limited to the iOS application, but it has now made its way to its Android counterpart.

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