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Google+ adds 'Highlights' notification option for communities and collections


Google+ v10.1 switches to a mostly white color palette and prepares to offer notifications for daily highlights [APK Teardown]

A new version of Google+ is rolling out, but unlike many recent releases, this one has at least one immediately visible change after updating. The UI is taking on a whiter look for some of its key UI elements. A teardown also reveals that a Highlights section is coming back and will optionally make an appearance in notifications.

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Inbox v1.59 reveals Highlights will get a training mode to manually improve results [APK Teardown]

A few weeks ago, Google began rolling out a new Highlights feature for Inbox that promises to bring your most important email to the top of the list. Many people still don't have it, so this may only be available to a small group for initial testing, or perhaps the rollout is just progressing very slowly. A teardown of the latest update to Inbox includes signs that there is a new training tool that will be useful for making Highlights even better.

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New Highlights section is starting to roll out to Google Inbox users

Back in the summer, Cody took an in-depth look at the latest update to Inbox by Gmail and found evidence for a new feature called Highlights. He found that Google was planning to introduce a section at the top of Inbox that would bring attention to priority emails. Now, it looks like the feature has been turned on by Google, for some people at least.

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Inbox v1.51 gets ready to sort high priority emails to the top and add reminders about unfinished email chains [APK Teardown]

Yesterday's teardown of Gmail brought news that the app would soon include some of the useful sorting methods over from the web client, giving users a way to see messages that might be the most important to them. Not to be left out of the fun, the latest update to Inbox reveals it has a couple new tricks of its own. Of course, we're talking about Inbox, so these upcoming features are driven by artificial intelligence and mountains of data about the types of messages that matter most to users.

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Google app v7.6 beta may confirm an Assistant button on future Chromebooks, promises to bring "What's this song" to Assistant, and more [APK Teardown]

If you're on the list for beta updates to the Google app, a new version should have rolled out to you in the last day or so. We haven't seen any new features or notable changes yet, but there are quite a few interesting bits worthy of a teardown. There's a sign that rumors about an "Assistant" key on some new Chromebooks may be true and we may finally get to ask the Assistant to name songs again, among other things. As usual, we've got the apk linked at the bottom if you'd like to pick it up without waiting for an update to hit your device.

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Google Photos v2.2 comes with more auto-generated highlight cards, prepares to create time-lapses and upgrade the video player [APK Teardown + Download]

An update to Google Photos began rolling out yesterday, and alongside it came a promising blog post about new assistant cards highlighting memories and suggesting rotations for sideways photos. Regular users may recognize that some of these aren't totally new, at least not with this version. However, there are some under-the-hood changes that speak to some interesting things for the future. A teardown shows that the video play may be getting an overhaul and Photos might soon auto-generate time-lapse videos for us.

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[Update: Rolling Out To Most Users] Google Experiments With Review Highlights In The Play Store

It's easy to underestimate the importance of the review process. When considering a purchase, we scour Amazon for well-written reviews, YouTube for thorough comparisons, and (obviously) Android Police for insightful hands-on articles. We do it for everything from smartphones to cars to vacuum cleaners. Sometimes we even enjoy reading reviews for things we don't want to buy, simply for our own amusement. So why do we generally ignore app reviews on Google Play?

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Twitter Moments Give You An Immersive New Way To Experience Tweets And Keep Up With The News

Twitter isn't particularly welcoming to newcomers, and the company knows this. It has long worked to help users discover which accounts to follow and how to turn their feeds into something interesting. Part of this effort has included churning out daily summaries called Highlights. Now it's making a move to keep you tapped into what's going on across the network and the world regardless of whom you follow.

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Twitter Introduces Highlights, Daily Summaries Delivered Via Push Notifications

Twitter can be intimidating to new users. The same can be said for experienced users. A timeline is only as good as the content you follow, and even then, you may miss the good bits over the course of a day unless you commit to scrolling through every single tweet.

So the company is introducing Highlights, push notifications that put what's hopefully interesting content directly into your notification shade.

To determine what to send you, Twitter looks at what is popular among the people you follow, events trending in your area, and tweets from people you're close with.

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