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Google Maps city, state, and country borders are back again on Android

There was a magical time, many moons ago, when Google Maps had a neat superpower. If you searched for a city or country or state, it would highlight its borders, making it easy to discern which parts were inside of it and which weren't. Then, that mystical ability disappeared, leaving geography buffs and detail-oriented users confused. The feature appears to be back now, though it's not completely reliable.

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Google+ Will Now Highlight What You +1 To Your Followers, With Your Permission

I wouldn't blame a person for thinking that their Facebook and Tumblr "likes" or Twitter "favorites" are private, but these things can all be viewed by their followers. This is also the case with Google+, only the service will now explicitly start highlighting posts that were +1'd by people in your circles. Naturally, this means that your posts may be shared with your followers as well. These posts will appear with a "+1" header.


Social networks aren't known for being particularly private. Google+ may be more so than others, since it lets users designate precisely which circles their posts are shared with.

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Android 4.2 Feature Highlight: Multiple User Accounts

Well, guys and gals, it's finally here: Multiple Users Accounts has made its debut on Android 4.2 tablets. I got the OTA update on my Nexus 10 review unit a couple nights ago, and as promised, I immediately dove right in to see how this fancy new feature works. The Nexus 7 also got this feature with its 4.2 update, which became available early yesterday morning. Now that I've had some time to mess with it on both devices, let's take a look at exactly what it's all about!


First off, I want to say: this feature works exactly how I imagined it would.

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Skitch Updated To Version 2.0 With Revamped Interface, Improved Evernote Integration, New Markup Tools

Skitch, a popular annotation and sharing app, received an update to version 2.0 today with a redesigned interface, a handful of useful markup tools, and improved Evernote integration.

For those unaware, Skitch is an app that allows users to "communicate visually with friends, co-workers, or anyone." Essentially, it can draw in resources like notes, photos, screenshots, or maps, and then add markup to convey ideas or highlight important aspects of the document for later reference or sharing. The app was acquired by Evernote late last year, and today's 2.0 update gives Skitch the "full Evernote treatment."

This not only means a new interface, but full Evernote sync with improved integration (when Evernote is installed), the ability to view and edit Skitch notes made using the app on other platforms, and last but not least, a couple of new editing tools including a pixelator and highlighter.

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