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Samsung debuts 48- and 32-megapixel smartphone camera sensors

Samsung's top-tier devices are generally up there with the Pixel and the iPhone when it comes to camera quality, and the Korean electronics manufacturer seems set to further step up its mobile photography game. The company has announced that it's developed new 48- and 32-megapixel smartphone camera sensors which it expects to be in mass production later this year.

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Sharp Goes Crazy, Makes Crazy-Sharp 3840x2160 5.5-Inch Smartphone Display With 806 PPI

It was inevitable. Inevitable, I tell you. With the smartphone market becoming a ridiculous battlefield of overpowered spec sheets, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to cram a 4K resolution into a phone. That someone is Japanese smartphone maker and frequent part supplier Sharp, who revealed a 5.5" screen module with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels. That's a density of 806 pixels per square inch, for those of you keeping score at home.

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Another Brilliant Greasemonkey Script: Show High-Res Screenshots In The Web Play Store

Back in December of 2011, Google changed the way screenshots were handled in the Play Store. Where they used to open in their beautiful, hi-res glory, they have since opened as a tiny version of themselves. It's annoying, especially for tablet screenshots. To circumvent this, you could open the image in a new tab and append h=2000 to the end of the URL, which forced the screenshot to open in its full-size. Of course, this solution was beyond tedious.

After we posted the My Apps GM script last night, Artem mentioned wanting a script that would display high resolution images in the Play Store (and he's not the only one, I've been dying for this since last year, too).

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