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High Efficiency Image File Format


Google Backup & Sync fixed to show HEIF images in Photos

Google's Backup & Sync desktop app, formerly known as the Google Drive client, has received several major updates lately. It added advanced file syncing controls in December, and NAS support in February. Google has now released another update, with the major change being a fix for syncing High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF/HEIC) pictures.

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Android P feature spotlight: HDR VP9 video and HEIF image format now supported

HEIF, or 'High Efficiency Image File Format,' is a relatively new format that was developed by the MPEG Group in 2015. It's designed to maintain twice as much image data as a JPEG image, while keeping the file size roughly identical. Android P now includes native support for this file format, along with a decoder for HDR VP9 video.

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