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5 OxygenOS tips and tricks you may have forgotten about

Many of us on the Android Police team feel that, of all the various Android skins out there, OnePlus' OxygenOS strikes the right balance of useful extras and no useless nonesense — one of the reasons many of us would pick over more cluttered and bloated interfaces like MIUI and ColorOS. But some of OxygenOS' many are still handy tricks are scattered across the Settings app, buried deep under layers of sub-sections —  keeping them out of sight.

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Weekend discussion: What are your favorite underappreciated features?

One of Android's greatest strengths is the platform's diversity, allowing manufacturers to customize as they see fit with their own tweaks and changes. Samsung fans, for example, often point at features that the company implemented first, which later trickled down into stock Android. While we're all probably familiar with most of the big headlining features from each company's software, what are your favorite lesser-known or underappreciated Android features?

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Hidden Android 11 feature splits notifications from Quick Settings

Android's notification shade has been getting a lot of attention in the first Android 11 Developer Preview. In addition to some cool new updates like conversation grouping and enhanced long-press options, a hidden feature uncovered by XDA Developers separates quick settings from app notifications into their own distinct menus.

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Redditors find partial screenshot functionality is hidden in Android Nougat's code

Screenshots are great for sharing something funny with a friend, but it'd be so much easier if we could do that without having to crop the original shot first. Some Redditors discovered over the weekend that partial screenshot functionality is currently hidden in Android Nougat, and can be turned on via the source code and then used with either the normal screenshot buttons or a physical keyboard.

A commit in Nougat reveals the code, which sees 'a partial screenshot function in TakeScreenshotService'. /u/Maxr1998 and @MrWasdennnoch were able to modify TakeScreenshotService to turn it on (see YouTube video below), while /u/vyashole, using the modified code, used a keyboard with an OTG connector to take screenshots, using the combination CTRL+META+SHIFT+S to take a partial screenshot.

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