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Hexage Releases Artillery Combat Game REDCON On Android

Hexage has been a fixture in Android gaming since the very beginning with titles like Radiant and Buka. The latest title out of Hexage is a strategic battle fortress builder called REDCON. It's got big guns, solid graphics, and in-app purchases designed by a sane human being. What more do you want?

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Reaper Review: An RPG That Truly Understands Mobile Gaming

Hexage has been creating some of the best games on Android since early in the platform's run. It has a distinct style that has evolved through the years as Android acquired more graphical prowess. That leads us to the newest Hexage title, Reaper. This is a 2D hack-and-slash RPG with a casual style of gameplay and a ton of pizazz. Unlike some previous Hexage games, this one is not free-to-play. You can try it out, but you've got to make a decision about buying the full version. Is a casual RPG worth owning forever?

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[New Game] Hexage Releases Reaper, A Beautiful Hack-And-Slash RPG

You probably know Hexage. This developer has been a part of the Android gaming landscape since the beginning with titles like Radiant, EVAC, and Robotek. Hexage's newest title is the 2D action RPG Reaper, and it looks amazing.

This game takes the essence of an RPG and distills it to work effortlessly on a mobile device. There aren't a plethora of buttons all over the screen, just left and right controls and a gesture area for attacks and jumps. You travel around the map, taking on quests and fighting baddies, all the time collecting gold to buy more gear.

4 5

As with some of Hexage's recent titles, there are in-app purchases, but they probably don't work like you expect.

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[New Game] Hexage, Creator Of Hit Game Radiant, Releases Radiant Defense, A Tower Defense Game In The Same Universe

Back in the day, Android games sucked. There were so few of them and the quality of most games was so awful that it was hardly worth playing. In those days, Radiant was a beacon of light in a cold, dark Market. It may be too soon for nostalgia, but color us excited when we saw Radiant Defense on the Play Store.

Yes, it's a tower defense game. Yes, you're probably sick of the genre. Thankfully, Hexage at least put in some effort to change up the gameplay to make things interesting. In addition to Radiant's familiar style of every color in the rainbow and then some, all glowing with an intensity that would make a rave blush, the developer has also added a mechanic that allows you to choose the paths your enemies follow, giving this game a bit more strategic opportunities than just picking your weapons, which becomes rote after a while.

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Hexage's Upcoming Game, Radiant Defense, Is Of Tower Defense Genre, But You Will Want To Play It Anyway [Video]

I know, I know, who wants to hear about yet another tower defense game? Actually, I do - I still find this genre to be one of the most enjoyable on a mobile device and pretty much the only one that can keep me interested for longer than a day (I've been playing Com2uS' Tower Defens: Lost Earth nonstop for the last few days). And you might too, when you see the video of Hexage's upcoming title, Radiant Defense.

Remember the magical feel of Radiant, Robotek, and EVAC - the other popular titles by the company? I absolutely loved playing all of them - the signature glow and mysterious, Tron-like sounds in Hexage games create an atmosphere you won't find in other games.

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