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HERE Maps Now Shows Public Transit Routes In Many More Cities


HERE For Android's Route Sharing Feature Arrives In Latest Stable Update, Brings Surfer Dude Voice Along For The Ride

Last month HERE showed off its upcoming route sharing feature, which lets users send others the route they're taking to get to a destination. This way you can answer "How are you getting here?" without having to go through the effort of explaining. Tapping the standard share button and having the question-asking-person read the plain text that appears on his or her phone, or open the instructions inside HERE, should be much less of a headache.

Now you no longer have to be in the beta program to try out the feature. The stable version of the app is getting the goods in the newest update.

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HERE Maps Improves Coverage For Belarus And Barcelona, Plus More Granular Downloads In Brazil

If you prefer HERE Maps to Google Maps for the former's offline functionality, and you live in a few specific (and some other VERY specific) places around the world, you're getting better service starting today. The Nokia-created subsidiary announced a host of improvements on its official blog, most notably in Belarus, Barcelona, Brazil, and even some other places that don't start with B.

Belarusians get improved coverage across the board, including 22,000 kilometers of mapped roads and 11,000 new points of interest. HERE reports that most of this is thanks to local users who have added or corrected information with the HERE Map Creator tool.

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[Updated] Nokia Sells HERE Unit To German Carmaker Trio Of BMW, Audi, And Mercedes-Benz For 2.5 Billion Euros

Nokia has hinted at a sale of its HERE mapping and location unit since April, when it announced its merger with Alcatel-Lucent and a strategic review of HERE. The rumors at the time pegged Uber and unnamed German carmakers to be interested in the acquisition, then were more substantiated last month when Bloomberg revealed that the trio of BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz were the most likely candidates.

That information proved out to be true, even down to the suggested sale price: 2.5 Billion Euros (around $2.74 Billion), which is way less than what Nokia paid when it bought HERE's grandparent NAVTEQ for $8.1 Billion in 2008.

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Report: Nokia Nearing Sale Of HERE Maps To German Trio Of BMW, Volkswagen, And Mercedes-Benz

Nokia, in their continuing withdrawal from the mobile phone and software industry, appears close to selling off their best remaining asset in that market: HERE Maps. According to a report by Bloomberg, Nokia will sell their mapping technology and know-how to Germany's three biggest automakers, BMW, Audi (owned by Volkswagen), and Mercedes-Benz. Though they typically compete against one another, each shares common concerns about Google's market position and privacy policies.

The report estimates the asking price of HERE to be nearing $4 billion USD, though the final offer may be closer to $2.5 billion. While that sounds like a big number, HERE is a product of Nokia's acquisition of NAVTEQ for $8.1 billion in 2008.

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HERE Maps Adds Reversible Lanes Traffic And Direction In 12 U.S. And European Cities

In Lebanon, we have one seaside road where traffic direction reverses reliably at 11am and 11pm to lower congestion and help more people get into or out of Beirut as fast as possible. It doesn't do miracles on very busy days, but it helps a bit. The idea isn't unique to us and if you live in big metropolitan U.S areas with heavy traffic on some of the highways, then you know what reversible lanes are. The problem is that mapping software doesn't take these lanes into consideration when planning your routes, or isn't always up-to-date on the direction or load of traffic in those lanes.

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Downloadable HERE Maps Updated With More Detailed Coverage In Africa, More Accurate Public Transit

Nokia's HERE Maps application continues to be a popular alternative to Google's own maps, thanks to wide availability and an easy-to-use download feature. The latest update adds a few new bells and whistles in the name of accuracy, especially if you happen to live in sub-Saharan Africa: according to this blog post, the downloadable maps in the regions of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, and the Seychelles have all been considerably improved.


The updates are specifically for HERE's downloadable maps, not the Android app itself - if you're a regular user of the compartmentalized maps in Africa, you should get a notification to re-download the relevant files.

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Nokia Drives The HERE Navigation App Into The Play Store, Leaves It Parked In Beta

For years, Google Maps has been a compelling reason to own an Android device, but it's not the only mobile navigation service out there worth your time. Nokia's HERE service has built a name for itself, attracting users thanks to its presence on competing platforms and a number of strengths, such as the ability to store maps for offline viewing/navigation and the presence of data in countries Google essentially considers the middle of nowhere.

HERE previously came to Android as a Samsung exclusive, but when a beta APK appeared a couple months later, it was safe to sideload on other devices.

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Hands-On With Nokia's HERE: A Complement To Google Maps With A Few Aces Up Its Sleeve

For the longest time, my only involvement with smartphones was limited to Nokia's Symbian devices, then I bought an HTC Desire Z in February 2011 and the rest, as they say, is history. I was immediately ecstatic about most of the Android experience save for two aspects where my heart strings kept tugging back to my Nokia N8: photography and mapping. Android cameras have improved a lot over the past three years — I am amazed by the Lumia 1020's scary-good 41MP sensor, but my LG G3 does an excellent job 99% of the time — and so did Google Maps, but at no point has Google's mapping service completely levelled up with parts of the experience that I used to get through Nokia Maps, even in 2010 on an N8.

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