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Google Helpouts Is Shutting Down In April 2015, Android App Already Removed From The Play Store

Google introduced the Helpouts service, a special version of live video Hangouts specifically intended for instruction and guides, back in November of 2013. The Android app followed shortly thereafter, allowing users to access paid and screened experts for a variety of skilled or specialized tutorials. Apparently it hasn't been as popular as Google had hoped: the company has informed users that the service will be shutting down on April 20th.

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Google Helpouts Version 1.3 Adds Improved Listings, Referral Management, And More

Google's burgeoning live how-to service, Helpouts, got a brand new version of its Android app yesterday, bringing it up to version 1.3. The service, for those unaware, pairs those who know how to do things with those who do not know how to do things, connecting the two over video. Those doing the helping can charge or offer their insight for free.

At any rate, the updated app offers users improved Helpouts listings, the ability to share Helpouts, refer friends, and manage referrals.

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[New App] Google Helpouts Is Now Live - Video Chat With Experts From Android Or Chrome

It's been a long time coming, but Google's distributed video advice service is finally live. Helpouts is a video chat service with a Google backbone, built on the interface and servers of Hangouts. But this is no mere chat service: it's designed specifically for users to connect with and learn from experts in their respective field. You can access the videos from the web or, naturally, the Android app.

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Since you'll be connecting with individuals and companies that are ostensibly experts, you'll have to pay them for their time, either on a minute-by-minute basis or in a session fee.

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Google Helpouts Will Reportedly Launch Tuesday November 5th

If case you don't remember, Google announced Helpouts back in August. It's a different take on Hangouts where experts can make their assistance available via a video chat session for a fee or free of charge. Google has been laying the groundwork for a public rollout of the service, but no dates have been made official. We've been passed some information by a trusted source that says November 5th is the big day – that's just one week away.

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Google Quietly Announces Helpouts, A Video Chat Service Where Experts Can Sell Their Assistance

Have you ever been stumped by a problem that's clearly outside your wheelhouse? Perhaps you've even fantasized about being able to just dial up an expert to pick their big meaty brain about the problem. That's exactly what Google has just announced with Helpouts. It's a cunning play on words, you see. It's like a Hangout, but it's used to help people. Google is clever.

2013-08-21 00_04_46-Helpouts by Google

The idea behind Helpouts is that folks with a certain area of expertise will set up an account with their skills, qualifications, availability, and rate.

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