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Nest Hello smart video doorbell drops to $169 ($60 off) from B&H

There isn't too much competition in the smart doorbell market, but Nest's Hello is one of the best. We reviewed it a year ago and walked away impressed, awarding it a spot on our "Most Wanted" list. Regularly priced at $229, the Hello is currently being discounted by B&H to a more palatable $169.

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Meet the new guy: Hagop Kavafian

Hello there, friends! I'm Hagop, one of the newest additions to the Android Police team. As we say, I'm part of the "night crew" because I'm based in France and I work hard on delivering news when America is asleep. Of course, I also focus on bringing content to our readers across the world, who get to read my posts fresh out the oven. What I love here is the diverse background our writers and editors have, how we work together, but also how awesome our readers are! In the few weeks I've been writing for AP, you taught me so much, and interacting with you has been a genuine pleasure, so thank you for that.

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[Update: Assistant supports doorbells] Nest Hello and long-awaited Nest x Yale Lock now ready to ship; Nest Temperature Sensor up for pre-order

Nest has two products that will begin to ship today: the Hello video doorbell and the 'Nest x Yale Lock.' We knew that the Hello doorbell would begin to ship out today, though the completely keyless Nest x Yale Lock is a bit more of a surprise.

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Snapseed v2.8 adds text filters and image resize option

Snapseed started as a simple image editor, but it's been learning some impressive new tricks recently. It can even edit your RAW files these days. In the new v2.8 update, you can add text to your images with a ton of fonts and styles, and there is an auto-resize option for exports. The update is still rolling out, but we've got the APK ready for download if you don't want to wait.

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[Hello] Adele Called JetBlue's Developers A Thousand Times To Go Over Everything New In Version 3.0

Hello? It's me, I was wondering if everyone has heard this song already or if we'd have to go over everything. They say a good update is supposed to heal apps, but JetBlue ain't done much healing...

Well, it kinda did. Version 3.0 of the app got some important additions like check-in cancelation, seat upgrade, and info scanning, but the reason we're talking about it is the last line in JetBlue's changelog. You all know how we love an interesting changelog here at AP (example 1, 2, etc) because it shows the human side of developers and corporations, and this one caught our attention.

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Hello Dialer From Facebook Updated To Version 2.0 With New Layout, Missed Call Notifications, Contact Filters, And More

Facebook's Hello dialer is an interesting extension of the social service into core telephony functions. That said, the original release was a bit barebones and left a lot to be desired. Version 2.0 (which has come just a couple of months after the initial release) adds some important features and a tweaked interface that should win it a few more converts from the stock dialer app. Chief among these are the ability to filter the contact view to just those contacts with phone numbers, and notifications for missed and blocked calls.

2015-06-16 19.31.11 2015-06-16 19.30.53

You want more? How about a new "card" layout for incoming calls that lets you answer in one swipe?

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