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Saviors of Uldum is Hearthstone's second Year of the Dragon expansion for 2019

Back in April Blizzard Entertainment released Rise of the Shadows, the first expansion in the Year of the Dragon. Today the second expansion Saviors of Uldum has arrived. You can expect new quests, spells, and plagues, as well as a new keyword, Reborn. Of course, there's also 135 new cards to play with, and if you log in today, you'll receive a random Legendary Quest card.

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Rise of Shadows is Hearthstone's first Year of the Dragon expansion for 2019

A few months ago we learned that Hearthstone's next expansion would begin the Year of the Dragon, and now that the Rise of Shadows expansion has officially dropped, the Year of the Dragon has indeed begun. You can expect the expansion to bring 135 new cards themed around a formidable gang of evildoers, and for a limited time players can claim a free Legendary minion card by logging in.

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Blizzard announces Hearthstone's next expansion will begin the Year of the Dragon

Blizzard has announced the new yearly rotation for Hearthstone, and it's called the Year of the Dragon. The next expansion to release in 2019 will signal the beginning of this newly-announced year. Over the next twelve months, three new 130-card expansions will be coming our way, and each one will be tied to the last thanks to a continuous story that will span across all three.

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[We're all soldiers now] Blizzard releases app for Android is the one-stop shop for all Blizzard games, from Overwatch to World of Warcraft. But until now, there wasn't a mobile app available to chat with your friends or manage your profile, like Steam offers. Seemingly out of nowhere, Blizzard has released a companion app for Android.

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You can get a Hearthstone 3D printed phone case, if you're into that kind of thing

FabZat, a merchandising and 3D printing company, has partnered with Blizzard Entertainment to announce that as of today they are offering custom 3D-printed and personalized Hearthstone-themed phone cases for $38.49. Currently, there are a total of 15 different case designs to choose from with more to come in the future.

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Hearthstone's newest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, is now available

Hearthstone, the ever more popular card game, has received its latest expansion. Knights of the Frozen Throne, announced last month, brings 135 new cards and introduces the infamous Lich King. Honestly, this one might be enough to get me back into playing.

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Blizzard announces the latest Hearthstone expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne

While I am not the biggest Hearthstone player, I do pay attention to news surrounding the popular card game. The most recent announcement certainly perked up my ears; the newest expansion, called Knights of the Frozen Throne, hearkens back to my old Warcraft days. That's right, the Lich King is back.

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Gaming news breakdown: Upcoming Hearthstone expansion, a handful of Google Play pre-releases, and two intriguing VR titles

Another week, another breakdown of the current happenings in the Android gaming world. This week we have an upcoming 135 card expansion announced for Hearthstone, a few notable Google Play Store pre-registrations, plus two newly announced virtual reality titles coming from Ubisoft and Spry Fox.

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Hearthstone's latest expansion Mean Streets of Gadgetzan adds noir touches to its card combat

Blizzard's Warcraft setting used to be pretty straight high fantasy - elves, orcs, dwarves, various flavors of monsters. but after a couple of decades of strategy games and MMO action, the World has developed its own flavor. Much like Terry Pratchett's Discworld, Azeroth is sort of fluid: its fantasy tropes can be teased and prodded into more or less any genre of storytelling, so long as you don't object to seeing the occasional zombie or minotaur in your high-stakes heist plot.

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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes brings multiplayer card battles to the casual franchise

Plants vs. Zombies started as a fairly simple lane-based tower defense game, much loved thanks to its tight gameplay and whimsical style. But like any casual game that gets a big following, it's now branching into other genres as well. The Garden Warfare spinoffs on consoles have done well as Team Fortress-style multiplayer shooters, and now PopCap is going after another multiplayer giant: Hearthstone. PvZ Heroes, now out of geo-limited beta, brings semi-random card decks into the eternal undead-rhododendron fight.

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