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Samsung HeartWise now on the Play Store, helps patients keep up with doctor-recommended heart wellness programs

During my brief stints using Samsung Galaxy smartphones, I eschewed many of the company's branded apps, but Samsung Health was one of the few exceptions. I was impressed by how robust and slick it was and found myself tracking my blood pressure and SpO2 level every now and then just for fun. Now the Korean tech giant is bringing that health app know-how to Samsung HeartWise, a new health app built for a niche audience: patients who want to keep up with their doctor-recommended heart wellness program via their smartphone and Gear S3 smartwatch.

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Federal Trade Commission Cracks Down On Mobile Apps That Claim To Diagnose Skin Cancer

Heads up, app developers: there is a really good reason that the government licences people to practice medicine. Unless your app is smart enough to go through four years of med school, you probably shouldn't claim that it can diagnose diseases. The developers of "Mole Detective" on the Google Play Store and similar apps have reason to reflect on this, as the Federal Trade Commission has slapped them with fines and restricted them from claiming that their apps could reliably diagnose melanoma.

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Malignant melanoma is an especially deadly form of skin cancer with an intimidating 85% mortality rate. Mole Detective and similar apps claimed (and in some cases, still claim) to be able to diagnose whether a mole or other skin abnormality represents melanoma.

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