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Sennheiser HD1 headphones are just $149.95 on Amazon right now ($100 off)

If you're lucky enough to still have a headphone jack on your phone, you might be looking for something decent to plug into it. You can't go far wrong with a decent pair of Sennheisers, and the wired HD1s have been well received by pretty much everyone who's reviewed them. You can currently get them for $100 less than the retail price from Amazon.

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5 of our favorite tech sales, discounts, and deals this week

The weekend has arrived, and that spells time to relax, unwind, and focus on really enjoying yourself. Those of you in the States may be gearing up for a big Memorial Day party, braving supermarket crowds to stock up on hot dogs, hamburgers, and all the requisite cookout staples. To help offset some of those expenses we thought we'd bring you a roundup of some of our favorite tech deals over the past week.

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[Deal Alert] Sennheiser HD1 Bluetooth headphones with active noise cancellation falls to $314 ($186 off MSRP) on Amazon

Sennheiser's a well-established name in the audio industry, and it should come as no surprise that its active noise cancellation-equipped HD1 Bluetooth headphones, at a $500 MSRP, are very good. We saw the HD1s fall to $399 back in September of last year, then to $350 last December. But Amazon's current price of $314.04 is the lowest we've seen in some time, and the HD1s might be worth your consideration.

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[Deal Alert] Sennheiser HD1 wireless headphones with active noise cancellation down to $350 ($150 off) on Amazon and Best Buy

The writing on the wall is larger than ever before for headphone jacks in smartphones, so it's no surprise that web searches for "bluetooth headphones" have hit an all-time high this holiday season. Sure, you could tentatively dip your toe in the water and save yourself some cash by trying out a pair of cheaper Bluetooth earbuds. But if you're feeling in the mood to be generous to yourself or a loved one, maybe it's time to spring for a pair of premium over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones — a pair like the Sennheiser HD1, which retails for $499.95 but is currently being sold for $349.95 on Amazon, the lowest they've gone for there.

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[Update: Best Buy too] Deal Alert: Sennheiser HD1 wireless headphones with active noise cancellation down to $399 ($100.95 off) on Amazon

Like it or not, Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more popular these days. Whether we're talking about over-ear headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 35 or more compact solutions like the Bragi Dash, it's hard to deny that they're becoming increasingly popular. On the upper end of the wireless headphones market sits the Sennheiser HD1, which at its $499.95 MSRP, is one of the most expensive Bluetooth headphones you'll find for sale. Its current Amazon price of $399 makes owning the HD1s a little more realistic.

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