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HBO NOW passes 10 million installs on the Play Store

HBO NOW has been the top grossing entertainment app on Google Play for a little while now, but the app just reached another significant milestone. It's ringing in the new year by the numbers, having just hit 10,000,000 installs on the Play Store. That's a lot of downloads, with some big implications for the number of subscribers the service has, though it's impossible to know for sure. 

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HBO Now support is rolling out in Google Assistant

Who wants to use buttons and apps to start streaming video when you can just yell at your virtual assistant? No one, that's who. Google Assistant added support for starting Netflix streams a while back, but other services have been slow to follow. There's a new one today, though. HBO Now subscribers can plug into Assistant in just a few steps.

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Some Google Play listings now show when content is available from other sources (like HBO)

We noticed over the last week that some listings on Google Play are showing when items are available via HBO's NOW streaming service. We aren't entirely sure how new this is, as neither company has made any announcements related to it. In fact, some of us here at AP aren't seeing it at all, regardless of whether we have HBO NOW installed or not.

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Google Home now streams TV content from many more services, including HBO Now and Hulu

One of the most interesting new features introduced during the Google I/O keynote has to be the integration between Google Home and Chromecast. The intelligent assistant can now show visual responses to interactions you have via any Chromecast connected TV. For a while now we've been able to play videos through our Chromecast via YouTube and Netflix, and now many more services are being added.

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HBO NOW streaming app gets an official Play Store beta version

HBO's online and app-based streaming options are surprisingly competent  - they put the likes of DirecTV and Comcast, much larger organizations with ostensibly more resources, to shame. But that doesn't mean that there's no room for improvement. To that end, HBO is now publishing a beta version of, um, NOW, the cable-free standalone app for streaming cordcutters. It's available on the Play Store now via the standardized opt-in interface.

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Chromecast purchases from now until Dec 24 include three months of HBO Now

Both last year's Chromecast and the new Chromecast Ultra are great deals for the functionality they offer, but every once in a while, Google throws in extra goodies with Chromecast purchases. This time around, Google is offering three free months of HBO Now if you buy a Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra.

The small print reveals that purchases from November 23 until December 24 will receive the offer, and it can be redeemed at any time until January 8. This only applies if you sign up for HBO Now for the first time; if you already have a subscription, this unfortunately doesn't get you three free months.

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HBO Now Support Extends To All Android TVs [APK Download]

Or in other words, HBO Now support for Android TV has actually arrived. Sure, you could sideload the app that was updated with compatibility back in October, but that software was aimed at Sony and Sharp smart TVs. Now you can install the app directly from the Play Store from your set-top box of choice. Alternatively, you can head to the website and download the app remotely.

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[Update: APK Download] HBO Now App Updated With Android TV Compatibility... But Only For Sony And Sharp TVs

HBO Now is the premium cable service's olive branch to cable-cutters, an attempt to reach out to the IPTV crowd before competition from Netflix an the like starts to seriously impact their bottom line. So why they chose to limit HBO Now to Apple devices in the first place is a bit of a puzzle - surely you'd want to make a paid service available to as wide an audience as possible?

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HBO Now App Gains Chromecast And Push Notification Support, Still Blocks Rooted Devices

HBO Now finally came to Android recently after a few months of Apple exclusivity, but it lacked Chromecast support. That's not a problem anymore as of the new v1.1 update. HBO Now can beam video direct to the Chromecast, and there are a few other tweaks too.

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HBO Now App Is Live In The Play Store, But It Doesn't Work On Rooted Devices

As announced earlier today, the HBO Now app is live in the Play Store for all devices. Although, when I say "all devices" I don't really mean all of them. Rooted phones and tablets aren't supported, because you're obviously a dirty pirate if you root your phone. Everyone else can get a free 30-day trial of HBO Now, though.


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