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Google Maps reviews now support hashtags because those are hip and cool

Despite its best efforts, Google Maps isn't quite as easy to use for restaurant hunting as Yelp. But the Mountain View tech giant isn't about to give up anytime soon: it has quietly added support for the ultimate social media tool - the hashtag - so users can more easily find reviews that identify #datenight spots or places that are #wheelchairaccessible, for example.

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Instagram testing a separate section to add hashtags to posts

Instagram goes through a lot of changes in Facebook's testing labs. While some of them are just bad, like algorithmic timelines, some end up being useful. Take this latest one, for instance, where there might be wholly separate section to add hashtags to your posts without having to keep them in your captions. 

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YouTube now showing hashtags above video titles on both mobile and web

Hashtags are all the rage these days. They're already on basically every single major social media service (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google+), and now they're making a much more prominent appearance on YouTube as well. On both web and mobile, hashtags are starting to show up above titles for videos that have them in their descriptions.

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Hashtags and profile links now work in Instagram bios

Starting today, profile links and hashtags in Instagram bios will work the way they do elsewhere on the platform: as clickable links. Instagram is billing the functionality as "a new way to express yourself and the things you care about."

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You can follow hashtags on Instagram now, not just people

If you have a few favorite hashtags on Instagram that you keep your eye on, the only way to do so until now has been to search for them and see what's newly tagged with them (unless a third-party app had the option to follow them). Now Instagram is giving you the option to follow tags, just like you would people. It's one of the Instagram features that were leaked a few weeks ago.

Either search for a hashtag you're interested in or tap on one from a post in your timeline and you'll see a pop-up telling you that following hashtags is now possible.

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Instagram Updated To v6.20.0 With Three New Filters And Emoji Hashtags

If we had presses, they would be stopped right now. Instagram has announced not one, not two, but three new filters. That means three new ways to mess up your photos! I kid, some people are really into Instagram, so any new stuff is a big deal, and new filters don't come along often.

2015-04-27 14_17_34-Three New Filters and Emoji Hashtags - Instagram Blog

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