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Google Maps reviews now support hashtags because those are hip and cool

Despite its best efforts, Google Maps isn't quite as easy to use for restaurant hunting as Yelp. But the Mountain View tech giant isn't about to give up anytime soon: it has quietly added support for the ultimate social media tool - the hashtag - so users can more easily find reviews that identify #datenight spots or places that are #wheelchairaccessible, for example.

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Instagram is testing a native 'Regram' button, a hashtag following function, pinned threads in direct messages, and more

We all know Google as a company that is constantly testing new features with different users, and it turns out that Instagram has a similar habit. The Next Web spotted a ton of cool features the popular social media platform is working on, including a native 'Regram' button, the ability to follow hashtags, and much more.

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Minimal Text Editor Monospace From Underwood Apps Is Now Available In Public Beta On The Play Store

Underwood Apps, developer of the widely-praised Today Calendar, has a new entry on the Play Store. You probably won't be interested if you're looking for another replacement to a core Google app, but writers, developers, and editors would do well to check it out. Say hello to Monospace, a super-simple text editor that's making its Play Store debut in beta form. It's a free download for Android 4.0.3 or later.

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Monospace is another entry in the minimal group of text editors - it doesn't support any of the more complex formatting you might be familiar with from a word processor, like templates or spell checking.

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OnePlus Is Super-Upset That Verizon Hijacked #NeverSettle, Wants You To Complain Loudly On Twitter For Some Reason

Hashtags are a really big deal, guys. You can't just lovingly craft a hashtag by combining two existing words, then let some other company take those words and start using them more effectively than you. Aw, hell no. OnePlus doesn't like that Verizon has been using the #NeverSettle slogan, and has called upon the demon hoards of the internet to tweet snarky things at Big Red so they can take it back. Brilliant!

2015-05-28 09_30_31-Take Back #NeverSettle -

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