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[Deal Alert] Logitech's Harmony Ultimate Remote With Harmony App Support Is $200 On Amazon ($150 Off)

Looking for something to control absolutely everything in your entertainment center, plus your RF-enabled refrigerator? Then unfortunately you're going to have to cough up some dough. But if you hurry and head over to Amazon, you can do it for considerably less: the retailer is selling the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote for $199.99. That's pretty insane for a remote, even one with customizable controls and a touchscreen, but it's actually $150 off of the retail price.

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Logitech Updates Harmony App With Support For The August Smart Lock, Ecobee Thermostat, LIFX Light Bulbs, And Insteon

Some homes are smart, and the Logitech Harmony serves as their brain. It provides a single location to control all the things, assuming of course that the products are supported. The latest update adds quite a few more to the list ranging from door locks to thermostats and a few things in between.

The new additions include the August Smart Lock (pictured above) that provides remote control over your doors. There's the Ecobee smart thermostat, which serves as an alternative to Nest. You can also now integrate Harmony with LIFX light bulbs as well as Insteon, which serves as a hub to all kinds of smart gadgets on its own.

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Logitech Harmony App Updated To v4.1 With More Supported Devices, Improved Command Ordering, And More

The Logitech Harmony can control basically your entire house if you have the right hardware, and that's more true than ever now that v4.1 is out with support for more devices. There are also a few other tweaks, making for a nice little update.


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[Deal Alert] The Android-Compatible Logitech Harmony Home Control Remote Is $113 (25% Off) On Amazon

Update: Want a slightly older model for an even better price? The Harmony Smart Control package is $79.99, fifty dollars off, and includes most of the same functionality. It's lacking the included buttons on the larger remote for home automation, which won't matter much if you don't have any compatible hardware and/or you intend to use your smartphone anyway. This deal also disappears after today.



You can control your Chromecast with your Android phone. You can control a Roku, Android TV, game console, or even your cable box with your phone. But unless you own one of the Samsung or HTC devices with a built-in infrared port, you probably can't control a TV set or a DVD or Blu-Ray player without reaching for some stone age hunk of plastic.

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Logitech Harmony Update Introduces Speech Recognition, Integration With Sonos Music Players/Amazon Fire TV, And More

The Logitech Harmony Android app has received an update to version 3.3 that enables users to take control of their Sonos wireless HiFi sound systems from the comfort of their Android devices without having to switch back and forth between apps. The software should work from anywhere in the home and gives users control over volume, tracks, and playlists. It will also work with Amazon's spiffy Fire TV.

This provided screenshot comes from an iPhone, but the Android UI shouldn't look too different.


Other new features benefit Logitech Harmony users regardless of the hardware they're packing. There's a soft keyboard that works with Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and computers.

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Logitech Harmony Link Will Make Your Android Phone The Best Remote In The House

Logitech is bringing its Harmony remote tech to Android in the form of the Logitech Harmony Link. For those that don't know, Harmony is all about controlling your home theater setup with as little effort as possible - imagine a universal remote mashed up with a computer and you're getting there. A hundred bucks gets you a Wi-Fi equipped IR blaster box and an app. The box receives commands from your phone over the Wi-Fi connection, and can relay that to up to 8 IR devices in your home theater setup. The Wi-Fi connection means you don't need line of sight to control the TV anymore, so if you want to turn off the TV from the bathroom, you can do that.

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NVIDIA Sets The Record Straight: "We Will Support All Tegra Devices As Long As Their Manufacturers Do"

There has been a lot of confusion regarding this post on NVIDIA's Tegra developer forum that was misconstrued as vaguely implying NVIDIA would stop supporting the "Harmony" generation of Tegra devices going forward (ViewSonic gTablet, Notion Ink Adam, ViewSonic ViewPad 7, Advent Vega, and others) and would instead only stick to the "Ventana" generation. Rather than panicking and freaking out, we pinged our contact at NVIDIA to get a straight answer and held off until we heard the official response.

To clear up the air right off the bat - the issue was blown way out of proportion and in no way pertains to actual production devices.

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Android At War: Google Mounts A Defense Against Oracle, But Can They Win? An Analysis

As we previously reported, Oracle America has filed suit against Google for (primarily) patent infringement. If you're not familiar with the case, I'll quickly summarize.

Oracle claims Google is in violation of seven U.S. patents previously filed by Sun Microsystems as part of the Java platform. Oracle now owns Sun. The alleged infringer, more specifically, is Android. If you want a more detailed explanation, read the next paragraph. If not, look at the pretty picture and continue.

The patents generally relate to the Java virtual machine (JVM). Apps on your Android phone run through the Dalvik VM (DVM), a Google / Open Handset Alliance developed alternative to JVM that utilizes portions of an open source Java implementation known as Apache Harmony.

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