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YouTube updates its harassment policy with stricter guidelines, harsher punishments

Like most platforms serving community-generated content, YouTube regularly reviews the effectiveness of its content policies, issuing updates and guideline changes as it feels they're needed. As part of its latest self-examination, potentially stemming from actions earlier this year, the company has decided to update its harassment policies with two substantial changes regarding threatening content and personal attacks, with harsher punishments for YouTube Partners that repeatedly skirt the edges of the rules.

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Google bans apps that promote or sell unapproved substances on the Play Store

At times, it feels like Google is playing whack-a-mole with all the head-scratching apps that have popped up on the Play Store. Every few weeks, there's an update to the Google Play developer policy, clarifying something, adding new restrictions, and generally trying to curb as much as possible the amount of spammy, harmful, and sometimes illegal apps on the Store.

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Instagram is now using machine learning to detect bullying in image uploads

In one of the first announcements since Instagram's co-founders departed their company several weeks ago, the social media platform is launching new anti-bullying tools. New head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced in a blog post that the app is now using machine learning to detect harassment in photos and captions, immediately sending those posts for review. 

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Twitter announces new tools for filtering, muting, and reducing harassment

Twitter has always been a little more... unregulated than other social networks, but it's gotten a bit more toxic in the last year or two. The company has today announced some tools that could make it more tolerable. Twitter will proactively tackle abusive behavior even when it's not reported, and the app will gain some new tools to make it easier to sweep unpleasant tweets under the virtual rug.

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Twitter announces muting keywords, phrases, and conversations in notifications, as well as new reporting functionality

Twitter took to its company blog today to talk about abuse. It's no secret that Twitter has done a less-than-stellar job at preventing abuse on its social network for a while now. In fact, continued harassment on the platform was likely a primary reason companies like Disney neglected to purchase Twitter. Now the company has announced three changes it hopes will more effectively reduce harassment.

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