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Messages For Android Wear Lets You Type SMS And Hangouts Texts, Courtesy Of The Team Who Also Brought A Mail Client, Browser, And YouTube To Your Wrist

The developers behind appfour have a few crazy and not so crazy apps under their name. There's the useful AIDE which lets you develop Android apps on an Android phone, and then there are some Android Wear apps trying to pretend that microscopic watch screen is enough to do things we usually use 5-inch+ displays for. Like Gmail or web browsers or YouTube. And now they're back with another app that spells out what it does in its name: Messages for Android Wear.

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Hangouts Updated To v4.2 With Tweaks For Marshmallow's More Granular Permissions [APK Download]

There's a new version of Hangouts rolling out to devices today, and it's a big jump from 4.0 to 4.2. I know that you're wondering. Does it fix that thing that you personally hate about Hangouts? Nope, that thing (whatever it is) is unaffected. This update is laying the groundwork for Android 6.0.

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Users Are Reporting Difficulty With Sending And Receiving MMS Messages After Upgrading To Hangouts 4.0, Google Investigating

The relationship between Hangouts and SMS/MMS messaging has been a long, gut-wrenching story full of danger at every turn. Although Hangouts 4.0 was a massive improvement over every previous version, it would appear that all is still not well on the MMS side of things.

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Google Launches A Dedicated Hangouts Website, Another Way To Access Hangouts From A Browser

Between the Chrome extension, the Chrome app, Gmail, Inbox, and Google+, there are plenty of ways you can sign in to Hangouts while you're at a computer. But maybe you need one more. Today Google has launched You're welcome.

Hangouts' dedicated website provides a single obvious way to access your contacts list and start chatting, as the URL is one you could probably guess. The site lets you open up multiple conversations at once just as you've been doing in Gmail since the dawn of time. You can also start group conversations, place a voice call, or fire up the webcam.

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Hangouts 4.0 Can Keep You Connected To A Video Call While Changing Between Wi-Fi And Mobile Networks

Hangouts version 4.0 has been released, to both relief and derision among the Android faithful. We're still finding some of the cool stuff that it can do, but at least one member of the /r/Android subreddit beat us to the punch. "Tutsumi" noticed that if you should happen to change between mobile and Wi-Fi networks while you're in an active video call, the connection won't drop out like it used to.

I gave this a shot on both Hangouts 3.0 and 4.0. On the previous version, switching from Wi-Fi to Verizon's local LTE network or vice versa caused the call between my PC and Nexus 6 to drop out, as you would expect.

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A Closer Look At The Design Of Hangouts 4.0

Nearly two months after we first saw the in-progress Hangouts 4.0 update, we were starting to worry it would never make its official appearance on the Play Store. But recently our collective wish was granted and Hangouts got a big update. Google says this is Hangouts' update to material design, but what exactly does that mean for the app? There's more here than just a new FAB, so let's take a closer look at some of the notable design changes in Hangouts 4.0.

The journey to material

Despite what the change log may suggest, Hangouts didn't suddenly arrive at "material" with the 4.0 update.

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[Update: APK] Hangouts 4.0 For Android Will Start Rolling Out Today

We've seen Hangouts 4.0 for Android before (and also on Android Wear), but that was two months ago. Suffice it to say, then, that Hangouts 4 hype has been building up tremendous pressure since, and now Google is finally delivering. Hangouts 4.0 will be available on the Play Store starting today, and of course, almost certainly will roll out in stages.

We already have a good idea of what's new in Hangouts 4.0, but here are the changes Google is offering up specifically:

  • Hangouts is sleeker. Now updated with material design, Hangouts has a new look and feel: items respond to your touch in more intuitive ways and transitions between tasks are more fluid. 
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Slides v1.2.312 Rolls Out With Support For Presentations Over Hangouts, Will Be Adding Spellcheck In The Future [APK Download+Teardown]

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of the woods with no way back to civilization, no laptop, and your boss expects you to deliver a spectacular presentation to your investors in 15 minutes? Neither have I, but it could happen – life is full of surprises like that. If you ever do find yourself in this situation, all you need is your smartphone, a half-decent wireless connection, and the latest version of Google Slides.

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Google Is Rolling Out New Custom Invitation Options In Hangouts

Hangouts does some things well, but letting you know when someone new is trying to contact you is not one of them. Google is rolling out several new invitation options to Hangouts that will make things much clearer. What's more, it looks like they're already live in the Android app.

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