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Show Your Mom Some Affection This Mother's Day With These Hangouts Easter Eggs

This weekend many sons and daughters will be celebrating their mothers, and Google hopes Hangouts will be a part of the occasion. When you wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day, a random animation will pop up to mark the moment.

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The Latest Set Of Animated Easter Eggs In Google Hangouts Are For... Easter

Hangouts has recently made a habit of adding a little flair to every holiday with some Easter eggs. While most of the year you would know what I mean by Easter egg, let's be clear that I am referring to those hidden little gimmicks that you might stumble upon in software. But, this weekend, I also mean the other kind of Easter egg. Hangouts has come full circle by adding Easter eggs for Easter that are actually Easter eggs. Say that fives times fast!

EasterEgg1 EasterEgg2 EasterEgg3

As some of you send your well wishes for the Easter holiday over the weekend, you and your recipient will be greeted with these little bits of fun.

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