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[APK Teardown] Code Within Hangouts 1.2 Indicates Rich Statuses, Including Activities And Moods, Are Coming

Hangouts was one of many Google apps that received pretty significant updates last week. Version 1.2 finally brought availability statuses for people on your contact list, better organization of contacts, and several other improvements. Under-the-hood, however, I spotted a few more additions that don't seem to be live just yet, which is exactly what we have APK teardowns around here for.

Hey, you. Yes, you. Don't forget to check out the Gmail teardown I did on Saturday and voice your opinion on ads that are coming to the Android app.
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Hangouts 1.2 Update Rolling Out, Brings Availability Statuses, A Better Organized Contact List, And More [Update: APK]

It's update Wednesday, and Google is making good use of this one. Earlier today the company showed off the new version of Gmail with a card-based UI in the conversation list, and now it's Hangouts' turn to get a nice little feature bump.

The Hangouts update – which brings the app up to version 1.2 for those who like to keep count – brings about some mighty useful (and oft-requested) features:

  • You can finally see who is on Hangouts!
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