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Google Home voice calling is rolling out in the US and Canada

One of the many announcements we saw at Google I/O 2017 was hands-free voice calling for the Google Home. Instead of Alexa's equivalent feature, which requires both people to have an Amazon account, the Google Home would use VoIP to call standard phone numbers. At long last, the feature is starting to roll out.

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Google Home to add hands-free calling, personalizes the experience

You'll soon be able to make free hands-free calls using your Google Home to any landline or mobile number in the U.S. or Canada. Google announced the feature today and leaped over the Amazon Echo with its ability to call anyone and personalize the experience. Since your Home can recognize who is talking to it, you'll be able to access your own contacts when making a call. So, when you ask it to call mom, it will call your mom and not your roommate's mom.

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[Deal Alert] Water-Resistant Shower Bluetooth Speaker $9.99 On Amazon After $10 Off Coupon

Did you know that the bathroom is typically the most acoustically pleasing room in a house? The hard surfaces of tile, glass, and linoleum bounce sound wonderfully giving music added richness and depth. That's why we love to sing in the bathroom – it amplifies our voices and makes us sound better (fun fact, Weird Al Yankovic recorded his first single "My Bologna" in a bathroom). The only thing that makes singing in the shower even better is a little musical accompaniment from a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker, and today Amazon has one on sale. The TaoTronics water-resistant Bluetooth 3.0 shower speaker is just $10 after applying a $10 off coupon.

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