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Developers Can Now 'Halt' A Staged Rollout To Minimize The Fallout Of A Bad Update

For an app developer, there's nothing worse than finding out your latest update is catastrophically flawed and blowing up for your users. This is the reason Google introduced the alpha and beta channels, and then added staged rollouts. These features give developers a way to steadily release new versions into the wild, discover their bugs, and fix them before a wide release. However, all of this still relies on treating some of your users as guinea pigs.

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[Updated: It's Official] Breaking: Adobe Calling It Quits On Flash For Android And All Other Mobile Platforms

Update: It looks like we can strip the rumor tag from this one -- Adobe made it official. Flash for mobile is dead. Check out the full details at the Adobe Blog. RIP, mobile Flash. You will be missed.

To clarify, Flash isn't going to just disappear from the Market, and in fact Adobe will continue to provide security patches. However, since they won't adapt it to new browser, OS, and device configurations, there is a chance it will stop working at some point in the future or won't work at all on newer devices.

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