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Facebook releases Halloween effects and mini-game for Facebook and Messenger apps

More than carving pumpkins or gobbling down candy or dressing up in costumes, Halloween is a great excuse to set free your inner dad and go all out on bad puns and cheesy jokes. Facebook is obviously no stranger to a well-placed corny joke, so it's announcing a bunch of "spook-tacular" new effects for the Facebook and Messenger apps that'll help users get into the Halloween spirit.

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Instagram adds new 'Superzoom' mode and Halloween face filters

Instagram has added quite a few new features in the past few months. Just three days ago, the company added the ability to livestream with a friend. Now the app has a new recording mode, called 'Superzoom,' as well as some Halloween-themed filters and stickers.

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Snapchat for Android now lets you send 60-second 'multi-snap' videos

For anyone who still uses Snapchat, recording and sharing video clips is probably a large part of the experience. Before now, it's only been possible to record videos of up to 10 seconds in length, as this kind of ties in with Snapchat's whole brevity thing. As the app struggles for relevance and searches for new ways to engage with its users, it's decided to allow longer videos.

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[Update: Available now] Special Edition "Webcrawler" Android Mini figurine is the stuff of all nightmares

I don't like spiders. I know that's a statement that almost anyone can make, but I really don't like them, to a point where I can somehow sense them in a room. On many an occasion, my friends and parents and coworkers have seen me get off my chair and go look in an invisible corner or push some piece of furniture away to reveal a spider behind it. Then calmly ask someone to come get rid of it. Call it my spidey sense, call it my curse to find the horrors of life, it's that bad.

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Pokémon GO APK teardown hints at Halloween Gen 3 release

It's been a while since new Pokémon were announced in Pokémon GO. Aside from the Legendary Pokémon that started appearing over the summer in Gym Raids around the world, it was only back in February that trainers started seeing new 'mons from generation 2 out in the wild. Eight months on, and with the main storyline having become all but exhausted, many fans have begun complaining that the game has become stale.

Now, an APK teardown for version 0.79.2 of the game has revealed that a major update to Pokémon GO may actually be right around the corner.

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Google Assistant gets playful with new Halloween-themed Easter eggs

Google Assistant doesn't need to do a whole lot more to earn the "spooky" tag, but that's not stopping the team behind it from trying — but this time for smiles, not shivers. The virtual assistant is now equipped with interactive, intentionally humorous responses to some Halloween-related questions and commands.

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[Boo!] Google shares the spookiest Street View locations from around the world

Do you want to go trick-or-treating but don't feel like getting off your couch? Don't worry, Google's got you covered. With Google Maps and Google Street View, you can visit some of the spookiest places on Earth from the comfort (and safety) of your home.

Roaming around in a virtual world is the perfect excuse to use a VR headset like Google Cardboard or Daydream View — which is too bad since we still don't know when it'll begin shipping.

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Google celebrates Halloween with ghosts, ghouls, witches, pumpkins, and more in Android Pay

To most people, Halloween means witches, ghosts, and ghouls. Google's obviously gone with this definition too, since the animations on Android Pay have been updated to include a range of the undead, pumpkins, witches, wizards, ghosts, ghouls, and skeletons.

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Niantic updates Pokémon GO to v0.43.3 with minor tweaks and teases Halloween event

I suspect many of you have stopped playing Pokémon GO. Not only is it getting chilly in many areas, but there just isn't a lot to do once you've caught all the common Pokémon. You might be tempted to fire up the game again soon. A new update is rolling out with some welcome improvements, and there's a special Halloween event coming up in a few days.

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The Amazon Appstore Offers 33 Free Apps And Games Worth $70+ For Halloween

Amazon really likes to package a bunch of regularly paid apps and give them away for free, seemingly at every opportunity. The latest batch is ostensibly in honor of Halloween, though a lot of the paid apps being offered don't really have any connection with the holiday. We don't mind - anyone who's been keeping up with these promotions has built up quite a little library of freebies by now. You can see the full collection here.

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