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(Update: Fixed) Nest Hellos are stuck on Halloween themes with no way to revert them back

This year, Google decided to lighten up things a bit for Halloween by offering a seasonal theme for the Nest Hello that plays spooky sounds instead of the usual doorbell ring. However, with the festivities come and gone, many are now unable to get back to normal sounds — a delayed spooky surprise!

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Spotify gives you a Halloween party playlist for tonight — complete with Easter egg

In need of some tunes for your Halloween party tonight? If so, Spotify has pushed out a "Stay Scary" playlist for the holiday, featuring around 200 minutes of music spread across fifty songs. It's not exactly a Halloween-themed playlist — think "party pop" across eras — but it does give you a sort-of-spooky Easter egg while it's playing.

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[Update: Spooky video auditions] Google rolls out Nest Hello seasonal chime themes, starting with Halloween

Are you having a sufficiently spooky October? No? Well, Google might be able to help with that, as long as you've got a Nest Hello. The company's video doorbell now has seasonal themes available, and the first one is "Spooky sounds" for Halloween.

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Google Duo adds 3 new video effects for Halloween and Diwali

Holidays and special occasions are always a good time to catch up with friends and family. A few decades ago, we used to send them greeting cards by regular mail, then came email, and now we have a lot of instant messaging apps that help us record a spontaneous video to share with them. If you use Google Duo to talk with your loved ones, you can now add a bit of Halloween and Diwali flair to your pre-recorded video messages.

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Google celebrates Halloween with a cemetery for its dead products

Whether the Google Seattle team is just saddened by the loss of a few dear old services or in the mood for a spooky Halloween season is up for debate, but on its campus, a cemetery of old, dead Google products has popped up. Rather than induce shivers of fear in onlookers, it probably triggers nostalgia and sadness.

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20 of the spookiest Android games for Halloween 2018

It's that spooky time of year again. That's right, Halloween is here, so I have put together a roundup of the creepiest and scariest games released in 2018. While I know many games are currently running Halloween events, I have avoided those titles to come up with a list that is scary all year round. So without further ado, here are twenty of the spookiest Android games to play during the 2018 Halloween season.

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[Update: More treats] Spooky Google Assistant easter eggs are going live in time for Halloween

The Google Assistant is a serious tool that helps us through each day in various ways, but it also has a whimsical side. In a similar vein to last year, with Halloween just around the corner, Google has unveiled some special Assistant easter eggs relating to the most terrifying of holidays.

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[Update: Official new languages + floating keyboard is live] Gboard v7.6 Beta adds a floating keyboard, but it might still be in testing [APK Teardown]

Back in July, a teardown of Gboard v7.4 revealed Google's intent to add a floating keyboard to the experience. With v7.6, it looks like that keyboard is ready for prime time. There are also signs of upcoming Halloween GIFs, plus quite a few new languages.

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Google Home and Android Things power these awesome Halloween trick or treat bowls

Halloween is over (sad face) but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy its nerdy tricks and its geeky treats. Google Home already has its own Halloween tricks, but if you're an awesome dad, you'd go above and beyond that. Case in point: this set of Halloween bowls rigged by tjudkinsYT and demoed by his daughter. He's using Android Things on a Raspberry Pi and his own unpublished Action on Google (hence the "getting the test version of Trick or Treat Bowl" you hear the nice Google lady say in reply) to trigger it through Assistant on his Home Mini.

The result is all so cute.

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Humble Bundle's Halloween selection includes 8 gruesome games

It's Halloween everyone, and that means spooky treats galore. As well as gorging on candy, it's also a time to indulge in scary films and TV shows (I know I'm going to continue binge watching Stranger Things). But what about games? Thankfully, Humble Bundle has got us covered with a Halloween-themed selection of discounted Android games. This is sure to be its most terrifying bundle yet.

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