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HabitRPG Developer Releases Beta Version Of Habitica, A Complete Redesign Of The App That Turns Your Chores And To-Dos Into Quests For Gold

Some people view the quantified self as a way of life. Others see it as a game. Others do both. Those folks got together and created HabitRPG, a to-do list app of sorts that lets you turn the mundane trials of everyday life into a video game.

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HabitRPG Review: Successfully Turning Real Life Tasks Into A Game, Bugs And Janky Controls Included

What is the meaning of life? I'm sure an engineer, an artist, and a banker would all come up with different answers to this question, but as any nerd would know, all that matters is leveling up and acquiring gold. This fundamental premise has formed the backbone of RPGs since the first pixelated knight took up his sword, and the reason is simple - it speaks to human nature, a part that we should embrace head on. That's why HabitRPG needs to exist. This to-do list manager turns your life into an RPG, encouraging you to get things done using the same motivation that has pushed you to complete the last RPG you played, the one before it, and the one before that.

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[New App] HabitRPG Turns Your To-Do List Into A Real Life RPG

Do you find you can't get things done? If you are king of the procrastinators, ruling over a realm of incomplete tasks, HabitRPG might be for you. This app is basically a to-do list manager, but it frames everything as a quest in your own personal RPG.

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If you finish something successfully, you get experience and gold. Why would you need gold? To get better weapons and armor, obviously. When you fail at completing a task, the app docks you HP. The mobile app was also the subject of a kickstarter campaign. Note, this is the official app, but third-party clients have been available for a while.

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