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Microsoft changes pistol emoji in latest Windows update

Emojis, modern day hieroglyphs, are always in flux. The Unicode Consortium is responsible for developing new characters, but it is up to individual companies to decide how they will look on their devices. Few have changed as much as the “pistol” emoji, which is now essentially a water gun. Apple led the way several years ago by redesigning it into a green “water pistol” and since then, most operating systems have followed suit. Microsoft was the last remaining holdout despite announcing the revision back in April.

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[Update: Facebook, Microsoft join in] Google is turning its pistol emoji into a squirt gun

A few years ago, Apple was the first big emoji designer to stop rendering the "pistol" emoji as a real gun. It went from a revolver to a green squirt gun, and other companies have just started coming around. Twitter and Samsung already made the change, and now it's Google's turn. Say goodbye to the revolver and hello to the super soaker.

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[New Game] In 'Hopeless: The Dark Cave,' Violence Against Rampaging Monsters Has Never Been So Adorable

You’re a cute, gun-toting, mildly suicidal blob huddled in the only light amidst the darkness. You’ve got an endless stream of huge, hairy monsters barreling in, intent on abducting you and your kind. Your fate is sealed, it’s hopeless...

That’s the setting of Hopeless: The Dark Cave, a new survival-horror by Upopa Games. Your sole task is to help these innocent looking critters stay alive by shooting down their aggressors before they can get their claws into those little marshmallow-like bodies.


The game is played by tapping on the screen to deliver a killshot to the villainous beasts. Quick reflexes are required as both friend and foe will come rushing out of the darkness towards your group.

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Tek Recon NERF-Style Guns Use Smartphones For Radar And Scopes, Kickstarter Campaign Now Live

In many ways, the proliferation of the Call of Duty generation is just an extension of ye olde Cops and Robbers, traditionally played with cap guns, rubber bands, or NERF darts. The Tech 4 Kids company is trying to bring kids' games full circle with Tek Recon, a series of toy guns. What makes these toys unique is the video game-style smartphone HUD, enabled with a docked phone and an Android or iOS app. The Tek Recon Kickstarter campaign started this morning, and it looks like it won't have any trouble meeting the reasonable $50,000 goal.

Tek Recon functions well enough as a toy gun alone.

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Battle Orb Is A Great-Looking Game With A Neat Concept And An Infuriating Control Scheme

There are a few things that will make me love a game. Good graphics, robots, explosions and an easy-to-use interface. Battle Orb delivers on at least three of these fronts with one of the coolest ideas for a game I've seen. Remember the droidekas from the Star Wars prequels? What's that? You've blocked them from your memory? Well, they were robots that could fold up into balls and roll around a ship's hallways. They were awesome. And in Battle Orb you are that, and it kind of rules. Sort of.

battleorb1 battleorb2 battleorb3

There are two modes that your don't-call-it-a-destroyer has. Ball mode, for traveling down hallways, and battle mode for shooting at things.

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'Shoot Many Robots' Lands On Android, Just Please Don't Kill Andy

"Shoot the robots, kill them all, in the park, at your house, or even at the mall.

Shoot them high, and shoot them low, shoot them stop, and shoot them go. Shoot them here and shoot them there, you can shoot them anywhere!"  -Nurse Seuss (Dr. Seuss' lesser-known cousin, for obvious reasons)

If you remember that childhood story and developed a deep-seated hatred for robots as a result, the time has come to Shoot Many Robots. The game, which has been available for a while on other platforms, including PS3, Xbox, and PC, has finally made its way to Android.

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[New Game] Flashout 3D Is Like F-Zero And Riptide GP... With Guns (AKA WipEout)

We had the promise of a WipEout-style game in the past, but that never seemed to materialize. As sad at that makes us all, we now have something that looks equally as good: Flashout 3D. At first blush, Flashout actually reminds me quite a bit of Riptide GP, as well as F-Zero, with the addition of weapons. Because blowing stuff up is fun.

1 2 3

The similarities really end there between those two, though. Flashout is a pure hovercraft racing game at its core, with intense graphics, fast gameplay, and the other stuff that makes hover-racers fun. It also support controllers, but there's a catch (or two): it's only for ZeeMote, and the controller-compatible version is a separate app.

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[New Game] Zombie Minesweeper Is Exactly What It Sounds Like... And It's Awesome

Before now, I thought that zombies had been added to every conceivable genre with the possible exception of farm implement simulator, and that's only a matter of time. But surprisingly, adding undead minions to a game that millions of office workers use to cling to sanity turns out to be fairly interesting. Despite the title, zombies don't replace mines in Zombie Minesweeper, they just add to the explosive fun. Check out the trailer below.

Gameplay is an interesting mix of puzzles and Oregon Trail top-town shooting, and since you've got to keep moving constantly, the pace is much faster than most puzzle games.

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Polarbit Releases 'Cracking Sands', A Cartoon Racer With Guns, Lasers, And Other Destructive Crap–But It's Not As Exciting As It Sounds

Everyone appreciates a good racing game. Likewise, most also enjoy blowing stuff up. When the two are married into one game, one would think the result would be amazing. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Let's take Polarbit's new title Cracking Sands as an example – the screenshots look good, the video is promising, but the game itself... well, that's something else altogether. Now, I'm not saying it's a bad game, because it's not. It works well and it looks good – I was just bored within the first race. Perhaps I've become jaded after years of playing different Android games.

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Expendable: Rearmed, The Classic Dreamcast "Shoot Everything" Game Is Now On The Play Store For $3

If there's one thing that our phones and tablets do really well, it's play games from the 90s. And if there's one thing that games from the 90s do really well, it's make crap explode. Expendable: Rearmed (which has nothing to do with Sylvester Stallone) is a third-person shooter set in the distant future where your clone army is being marched in, one at a time, to kill everyone and blow up everything. Things used to be so much simpler, didn't they?

The game actually looks pretty dang similar to the N64 niche classic Jet Force Gemini. Expendable: Rearmed (a remake Millennium Solider: Expendable) promises a complete lack of loading times, a host of new achievements, global leaderboards, and every action hero's two favorite words: "weapons galore."

expendable1 expendable2 expendable3

Expendable is available on the Play Store for $2.99.

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