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Mobile World Congress 2020 is officially canceled (Update: Statement)

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has thrown a wrench in plans for Mobile World Congress, the annual mobile technology showcase that takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Hours after the GSMA insisted the show would continue, the show has been canceled entirely.

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The GSMA reportedly wants to cancel MWC (Updated)

The coronavirus outbreak is shaking up MWC quite a bit, as many major companies have already withdrawn from the event slated to start February 24. It looks like this has lead fair organizer GSMA to plead with the Spanish government to declare a health emergency so it can cancel the event.

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There's a little bit of 4G in your 5G, and other reasons why that 5G icon on your phone is going to suck

As the wireless industry likes to say, "5G is here" — from manufacturers with 5G capable phones, carriers with 5G networks, and the users who want to feel like they're on the bleeding edge because they're enjoying super-fast speeds. But that little "5G" icon in the status bars on their shiny new phones may not represent all the progress they've been promised.

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OEMs and carriers are working with GSMA to create an open standard for advanced network features

We live in an era when phones often support a dozen or more LTE bands, making them functional on virtually all carriers. Simply working on a carrier might not be enough anymore. There are advanced network technologies like VoLTE and WiFi calling that require device makers and carriers to collaborate to test and certify phones. The GMSA has taken note of this clunky process, and is now working with its partners to develop an open standard for delivering carrier features to more phones.

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