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Samsung Releases Kernel Source For Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE And Galaxy S4 LTE-A

Developer types, take note. Samsung has just posted the kernel source for the Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE and the Galaxy S4 LTE-A. Getting a piece of the open source Jelly Bean code will allow developers to better support the devices, which might actually be important in the case of the oddball GS4 Zoom.

2013-08-29 11_03_26-Open Source Release Center

The Galaxy S4 Zoom is basically a GS4 Mini with a giant point-and-shoot camera grafted on the back.

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AT&T Confirms It Will Offer One-Time Replacement For A Water-Damaged Galaxy S4 Active

When a phone is advertised as "water-resistant" you have to wonder just how resistant it actually is. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on AT&T, the answer is apparently "not very." Despite AT&T heavily advertising the device as “whatever-proof” and great for taking underwater videos, some owners have been complaining of damage to the device after an encounter with water.


The Active is supposedly IP67 certified, which means it should hold up to water at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes.

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[Deal Alert] Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 Active $589.99 With Free Shipping On eBay Daily Deals

If you like the look of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but you're just a big butterfingers, maybe this is your lucky day. The Galaxy S4 Active is on sale through eBay Daily Deals, and it's quite the steal. The 16GB unlocked device is selling for $589.99.

2013-08-01 15_21_33-Samsung Galaxy s 4 Active 16GB Gray Unlocked Smartphone Water Dust Proof _ eBay

The Galaxy S4 Active is similar to the standard GS4, but it has an LCD panel instead of AMOLED, and the casing is water resistant and more durable.

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PSA: Wirefly Is Now Selling The 32GB Verizon Galaxy S 4, And It's Only $220

Just yesterday Verizon dropped the price of its Galaxy S 4 by $50, which in itself was a noteworthy deal since directly from Big Red was the only place you could find the 32 gigger. Until today, that is. Wirefly has now made itself the only other retailer to offer the 32GB S 4 running on Verizon, and of course, it's also more affordable at only $220 for both upgrades and new customers.

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[Awesome] PureGear's Retro Game Cases Are Available For The Samsung Galaxy S4 – $29.99 With Free Ground Shipping

Do you ever feel like you're a little too productive? If the tiny glowing screen of unlimited entertainment in your pocket hasn't already robbed you of all motivation, there are the PureGear Retro Game Cases. These neat wrap-around cases have just been released for the GS4, and they look fun.

g5 amazing_2 g3

Each of these cases does the normal case-type stuff. You know, protects the phone and such. However, each one has a small maze game with beads embedded in the back.

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[Update: Winners] International Giveaway: Win One Of Two Galaxy S4 i9500s From And Android Police

There comes a time in every smartphone owner's life when upgrading is necessary. Sometimes it's by choice; other times by necessity. Either way, we're usually left with an aging phone we no longer use (or want, in most cases), which gets thrown in a drawer and forgotten. Poor little guys. Let's all take a moment of silence in honor of all the smartphones that have been replaced and thrown to the wayside to be forgotten.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Knocks AT&T's 32GB Galaxy S 4 Down To $210 With A Two-Year Agreement ($40 Off)

With only 9GB of user-accessible storage, the 16GB variant of the GS4 simply won't do for many users. Sure, you can throw a microSD card in it for movies, music, pictures, etc., but that won't help in the slightest if you need more space for apps (for now, at least). The solution? Get the 32GB version. And if you're on AT&T, Amazon just knocked the price down by $40, making it comparable to the 16GB version's retail subsidized price.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9500) Down To $549.99 On eBay Daily Deals

So the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 is for sale now, but if you want the Samsung version with all the custom features? Well, you can get it on the cheap today. The international Galaxy S4 is on eBay Daily Deals again, and it's come down in price since last time. Now it's only $549.99 with free shipping, down from $575 last time. The Google Play version is $100 more.

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition Now Available For $650

Locked bootloaders can be a real drag. While it's possible to circumvent these security measures on the GS4, it can be a messy process. Maybe a developer edition device is the way to go? Well, Verizon customers can finally buy the developer edition Galaxy S4 from Samsung for the paltry sum of $649. The AT&T developer edition is still missing in action.


This device first appeared on the Samsung site along side the AT&T model in May.

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Samsung Posts GT-i9505G Kernel Source Files – Is This The Google Edition Galaxy S4? [Update]

A new device has just popped up on Samsung's open source site with the enticing model number GT-i9505G. For those not keeping track, the Snapdragon-packing Galaxy S4 is the GT-i9505. Samsung may have just dropped the kernel source for the Google Edition GS4 before the device is even out.


The same model number is also appearing in the Bluetooth registry, and there is a new WiFi Alliance certification for it. The hardware listing does look identical to the standard Galaxy S4, but that doesn't necessarily prove anything.

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