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[Deal Alert] Groupon Selling 2013 Nexus 7 16GB For Just $124, And You Can Add On A Folio Case For Only $5 More

The 2013 Nexus 7 may not see many more updates now that it has received Marshmallow, but it's still one of the best Android tablets out there. It's small, it's capable of running most apps, and it's cheap.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Nexus Player For Under $50 On Groupon (Down From $99.99)

So you're interested in Android TV, but the $199 Shield seems too spendy? Well, you can grab a Nexus Player for less than $50 on Groupon. The deal is for $49.99, but there's a coupon code that can take a few more bucks off.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Chromecast Just $20 On Groupon Plus $4 Shipping

Alright, the Chromecast may not rank high on the list of devices you're waiting to catch a deal on. $35 isn't the kind of price that has you setting aside paychecks. A kid could get one relatively quickly just by saving up their allowance.

But what if you could get one for $20? That's nearly half off, and the price is low enough to be well into the impulse buy category. Really, what other tech product can you spend so little on and get so much use out of in return? Okay, maybe a 4-port USB Quick Charger 2.0 car charger.

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[Deal Alert] Get A First-Gen Moto E From Tracfone, 1200 Airtime Minutes, A SOL Bluetooth Speaker, And A Car Charger For $95

Looking for a quick and easy way to set someone up with a smartphone? Then head over to Groupon, which is currently offering an impressive entry-level bundle for just a Benjamin. The current deal offers the original Moto E (2013), a SOL portable Bluetooth speaker, and a Tracfone SIM card with 1200 minutes for $94.99. Is that still not enough for you? Fine, take a car charger as well.


The "full" price is $99.99, but add the coupon "GOODS5" at checkout for an extra five bucks off. Groupon claims that the bundle is worth $420 at retail, which is a little generous; I count $90 for the first-gen Moto E at current rates, about $50 for the SOL Republic speaker (according to Amazon), approximately $180 worth of Tracfone airtime, and maybe $15 for the car charger, for a total of $335.

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[Deal Alert] Grab A Motorola Turbo Charger From Groupon Today For $9.99 (Plus Shipping)

If you've got a phone that supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge, then you may be doing yourself a great disservice by using a "standard" wall charger. Quick Charge is the only way to go on phones that support the feature, and for a limited time you can grab Motorola's Turbo Charger for just $9.99 plus shipping from Groupon.


That's a pretty solid price considering you can't seem to find this particular charger for less than $35. Shipping was $3.99 for me, which seems to be pretty standard across the board.

According to the listing there are "limited quantities available," so if you plan on picking one up, I'd probably do it now.

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[Deal Alert] Groupon's Refurbished $20 Chromecast Deal Is Back For A Limited Time

Even at full price, you could stick a [Deal Alert] tag on just about any box with a Chromecast in it. I mean, the thing costs $35 bucks and turns any TV from a blank screen to something that can play most of what us cord cutting types want to watch these days.

Of course, slashing that price in half makes it even more of a deal. We've seen Groupon offer the Chromecast for just $20 before, but the deal is back, and it's still a great buy.

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 4.51.25 PM


Even if you don't generally like refurbished things, we're talking about something you're going to stick in the back of your TV and never look at again.

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[Deal Alert] Groupon Offers The 2013 Nexus 7 16GB For Just $134.99 With Coupon, Today Only

The 2013 Nexus 7 might not be available from Google anymore, but it's still one of the best devices in its form factor. There are a lot of impressive deals available for this tablet, usually falling well below the $150 mark. So it is with one of Groupon's deals today: you can grab a 16GB WiFi N7 for $149.99, but if you add in the coupon code sale3 to the mix before you check out, you can take an extra $15 off that price.


Yes, there's a coupon on Groupon. No one was more surprised than I.

Thanks to Groupon's $25 and over policy, shipping is free...

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Chromecast Just $20 On Groupon With Free Shipping

The Chromecast is cheap. But even when something only costs $35, it's still nice to be able to cut that price in half. Okay, Groupon's offer isn't actually 50% off, but it's close. For the next five days (or until supplies run out), you can get a Chromecast for just $20.


These are refurbished units, but in the case of Google's streaming stick, that really doesn't matter. Even if it's scratched, it's going in the back of a TV where you will never see it again. Though I'm kind of curious how someone even goes about scratching a Chromecast in the first place.

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Groupon Gets Material-Inspired Refresh In Latest Update

Adoption of material design appears to be on an upward trend. It seems that every few days we hear news about another app refreshing its design with some inspiration from Google's new aesthetic, with some apps using the design language at launch. This is great for users who have been hungry for a more unified, cohesive design language on Android.

Continuing the trend, Groupon has introduced its update to version 15.2, heavily inspired by material design. The update, while just a 0.1 version bump, greatly refines the app's interface. The tab bar is now colorized and brought into line with Google's recommendations, and the app has adopted the new navigation drawer, including an account switcher and simple iconography.

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[Deal Alert] LG G Watch R On Sale For $269.99 ($30 Off) Through Groupon

It's getting to be that time. The first-generation Android Wear watches are officially old, and everyone is anticipating shiny new watches with updated hardware. That means the old ones are going to start showing up on sale more often. You can get the G Watch R from Groupon for $269.99 right now, $30 off the regular price.

2015-03-03 10_21_24-LG G Watch R Android Smartwatch _ Groupon

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