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Facebook Messenger Now Has Group Call Feature, Global Rollout Has Started

Facebook's been making some big improvements to Messenger recently, and the latest is no different: group calling is coming, with the global rollout having started yesterday on both iOS and Android. As is now usual with Messenger, the web app (on both and will probably get the update at some point in the future.

Group calling works as you'd expect: tap on a group chat and, if the feature has rolled out to you yet, there will be a phone icon in the app bar. Tap this and it will bring up a dialogue asking who you'd like to include in the group call.

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WhatsApp Group Chats Can Now Have Up To 256 Members

My largest WhatsApp group has 6 members (as seen in the image above) and we can barely manage it when we're all being active at the same time. So forgive me for not being overwhelmingly excited by this new update to WhatsApp's beta channel that enables groups up to 256 members. The previous limit was 100, so if you ever wished you could grow your 100-member group larger, there are now a lot more people you can invite in on the conversation.

The change seems to be triggered by WhatsApp's version 2.12.437, though some users on this exact release aren't seeing it yet.

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Viber 5.6 Expands Maximum Character Limit, Adds Group Message Likes And Public Chats On Tablets

We don't mention Viber quite as often as WhatsApp around these corners, but the app sure has its own legions of fans and dedicated users thanks to continuous updates and interesting features being sprinkled in all the time. Take this last version 5.6 for example. It may not seem like a huge leap on paper, but it does bring feature parity between phones and tablets, and between individual conversations and group messages.

A new heart appears next to each message in group chats, so you can like what others are saying (as in the screenshot at the top of this article). Messages' maximum length has been expanded to 7,000 characters for those who want to talk uninterruptedly — it's almost long enough to fit one of David's reviews, ha!

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