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With Walmart Voice Order you can shop for groceries via Google Assistant

We were a bit perplexed earlier in the year when we saw that Walmart had mysteriously disappeared from Google Express, but it seems the two companies are still collaborating on other ventures. Online grocery shopping with pickup or delivery is a popular service from Walmart, and it's now getting even easier with a new Google Assistant voice ordering capabilities.

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Amazon's two-hour Prime Now delivery service now offers Whole Foods groceries in select cities

Since Amazon paid an eye-watering $13.7 billion for Whole Foods Market last summer, we knew we'd eventually see some integration of the luxury grocery chain's products into existing Prime services. It's taken a while to work out the details, but Amazon has just announced that Prime Now customers in select locations can now get Whole Foods items delivered within two hours.

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Meal kit service Blue Apron finally releases an Android app [APK Download]

Blue Apron's meal kit delivery service has become a popular choice for busy Americans who love to cook but struggle to find the time to shop for ingredients. Its flexible plans let you choose what you want for the days you know you'll be able to spend time in the kitchen, and its range of recipe options is pretty exhaustive. iPhone users have been able to control their accounts with the iOS app since way back in 2015, but the Android app has been conspicuous by its absence, until now.

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[New App] Popular 'Buy Me A Pie!' Grocery List App Now Available For Android, Can Remember More Than Dessert

There are many powerful to-do list apps out there that can be used to help you remember the milk, but given the sheer number of features they provide, relying on these apps for such a singular purpose could feel like overkill. Even the somewhat barebones Google Keep may come with more weight than someone needs for their weekly shopping runs. If you want an app that just strives to do one thing - in this case, be a shopping list - and do that thing well, then you may want to consider Buy Me a Pie!, the latest popular iOS app that has made its way over to Android.

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[New App] AmazonFresh Makes It Easy To Buy Groceries And Have Them Delivered... As Long As You Live In Seattle (For Now)

As if Amazon hasn't already helped make our mobile life easy enough, today it released AmazonFresh for Android into the Market. If you've never heard of AmazonFresh you're not alone, as I hadn't either. As it turns out, it's Amazon's take on grocery shopping, complete with fresh produce and home delivery.

The Android app looks to be a key companion to the website, offering many of the same features, including complete grocery listings, doorstep and attended home delivery, past purchase access, barcode search, order placement, and the ability to edit an order prior to delivery.

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Of course, there is a catch: this service is only available in the Seattle metropolitan area at the current moment, with no work on when (or if) Amazon plans to expand the service.

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