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Imprint-X brings a captivating and relaxing puzzle-solving experience with a focus on memory and pattern recognition

Puzzle games are a dime a dozen these days. While the age-old formula might seem tired at this point, along comes Imprint-X. This game focuses on timing, memory, and pattern recognition to solve its button-based puzzles, which is a nice change of pace. It is receiving a cross-platform release today.

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Rovio Gives Up, Creates 'Rovio Stars' Publishing Initiative To See If You Guys Have Any Good Games It Can Milk

For years, Rovio lived on Angry Birds and nothing else. Then it tried to get you to love Alex. Then it gave the piggies a shot. Finally, Rovio went back to doing what it does best: throwing birds and cashing out. The demand for new games hasn't stopped, though. So what's a mega-giant corporation that's stuck in a creative rut to do? Crowd source, of course. Introducing Rovio Stars.


Rovio Stars is more than a little like the Fox Searchlight for games (but not quite like Steam Greenlight). The company is promising would-be gaming legends "world-class marketing and PR" for developers with great properties, and "expert game teams" to "[turn] your game into a blockbuster."

To get on Rovio's radar, you can apply by sending in screenshots or a gameplay video of your title and a description of what makes it so great.

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