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[APK Download] Greenify Beta Adds Lollipop Xposed Support And New 'Deep Hibernation' Feature, Moves Some Donation Features to Free, And Even More Goodies

The new Greenify v2.6 beta comes with a variety of interesting changes, including full Xposed support for Lollipop users. If you have been dragging your feet on donating to the developer, you will be happy to learn that two of the best paid features are migrating to the free version as well. While less obvious to the end user, much of the under the hood mechanism has been rewritten to improve performance and facilitate future feature additions.

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Greenify Updated With Lollipop Support, Material Design, And More

If you're a Greenify user who recently updated to Android 5.0, then you may have realized something peculiar: it was broken as crap. For me, it would constantly try to hibernate apps, but that wouldn't happen. As a result, it would try again. And again. And again. It literally drained my Nexus 5's battery twice within a four hour window. I was left with only one choice: uninstall it until an update came out.

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